Metabolic window and epigenetics

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    Oct 26, 2012 11:34 PM GMT
    For the beginning, sorry for my english, I´m working on it. Try to catch the punch line.

    Human body works like better tube where runs directed chemical reactions . If they run in enough volume and right way, we call it health. If they go wrong or not enough, we call it disease. And if those directed chemical reactions don´t run at all, we call it death.

    So if we want to stay healthy, we have to provide for our tube material and conditions. Material is meaned oxygen, water and nutrition. Oxygen is burned for energy, water regulates enviroment in our body, detoxication and temperature regulation and nutrition provides energy, stuff for creating new tissues, repairing old one and also material for all the body chemistry like enzymes, hormons, imunity. Conditions are activity and rest, especialy sleep.
    We are telling by activity which way shall our body develop. Strenght, endurance, swiftness but also lazy soft mass of unusable tissues if we don´t use them. Rest provides time for recovery and adaptation. How it exactly works will be written later in part about epigenetics.

    Now the metabolic window. Is a stage of perfusion after physical activity. It begins right after ending of excersising and ends after 15-30 minutes later. In this time can used tissues absorb as much nutrition as they can find in the blood. After at maximum 30 minutes the perfusion gets low and regeneration process starts. The level of nutrition absorbed in those 30 minutes will have major affect if those tissues will just repair themselves, improve or decomposite when the nutrition is poor. The body is very precise accounant, so on the end of every metabolic window, after end of the whole day it makes a bill. What was the level of activity, what was the level of nutrition and how much time it get to adapt. If the nurition is poor and Your muscles are hungry, the body will cheat the other tissuess and for example faster aging of skin, joints problems or even imunity problems may come. DNA determines Your posibilities. Type of activity determines which way You´ll utilize them. And level of nutrition in combination of time for rest ( get nutrition versus realy used nutrition) affects how far You can go.

    How is that possible? What happens in the body on the cellular level? Every day, hour, minute, second, billions of new cells are born and billions are destroyed. New cells are not developed on request. There are types of cells able for strenght or endurance and so on. And from all those types are proliferated cells of all level of perfomance. What is the difference between skillfull cell and the cripple one? Nuber of mitochondries providing energy, number of receptors, reaction time, efectivity in using chemicals and creating new, number of errors....

    It´s like at the work. If the company has enough money, efective management, good working conditions, it can employ high quality people. Company without money with dick boss, no course and horrible working conditions can retain just losers. The same situation is in body. Which cell will be kept alive and which will be destroyed is regulated by many chemicals called tissue factors. You may be will know TNF, tumor necrosis factor which reveales cancer cells. Tissue factor is basicly chemical testing the cell. Giving it a signal. Right answer (producing some chemicals, expriming chemicals on cell membrane...) means life. Wrong answer means termination. The body can terminate also cells too good to be paid. If there is low nutrition and the cell has too many receptors and will eat too much, it can lower receptors levl or be destroyed. Yes, it´s much more complicated, but this is the principe.

    When the life was developing, there were two major forces affeting it. First was the enviroment pressure. Only fastest, strongest, smartest creatures could survive, so the species were pushed to evolve to new more resistant and effective forms. But, if we don t count man, every animal in nature has problem to find enough food. So, in times of hunger from all those best fast, strong and smart individuals surveived only those who could save deposits and having just much tissues they realy needed. If the first force pushed life to be bigger, better and more complicated, second force pushed life down to save not be always bigger, better and more complicated. Last 200 years meant total change of lifestyle. We´re not running every day – we have cars. We don´t have to why – we have enough food in markets. We are not using our bodies like our ancestors were. So the second force – saving is not stoped and the results walk in the streets:-)

    So, You want strong, powerfull and effective cells creating good tissues creating sexy healthy body? You need to feed Your cells, tell them which way they may develop and than give them time for adapting.

    Next issue will be about detoxication, metabolc waste and ways how body handle it.

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    Nov 23, 2012 11:00 AM GMT
    good ideas. write more...

    Food is the most important epigenetic factor, also type of exercise, i.e. sprinting/dancing versus weight training. If are into research nutrition and fitness topics, this page may give you ideas about the food associating with each fitnes topics.