Ectomorph, help me gain muscle weight PLS!

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    Sep 03, 2008 6:11 AM GMT
    I am an ectomorph. I have been 115 since the age of 14 icon_sad.gif i am 5'7 tall. I wish to gain a few pounds and get a swimmers build (not bulky)icon_smile.gif but i dont know when/where to start and need your help.

    I have given a diet plan by a nutrionist:
    exercise 3 times a week for 30 mins.
    eat 3 large meals and 2 hefty snacks

    option 1: Protein shake (Chocolate milk or carnation instant bfast) + fruit + cheerios Bfast bar
    option 2: Cereal + milk + fruit + breakfast bar

    1.) PB sandwich on wheat bread + fruit + chips
    2.) Leftovers
    3.) Froze lunch?

    SNACKS: Make trail mix - nuts, dried fruits... string cheese

    1.) rice, chicken/meat + vegetables (baby carrots)
    2.) Pasta with tomatoe sauce and ground beef and side salad + garlic bread.

    Late Dinner
    1.) omellete + toast

    NIGHTIME SNACKS: ice cream, nachos + cheese, jello, cereal, cheesecake, ice cream + milk + PB + banana

    *if still hungry, add food rich in protein?
    take one multivitamin a day and a calcium supplement

    WEIGH SELF every 2 weeks.


    does this food intake sound good? what exercise can i do? should i follow the 12 week exercise program offers? whats a creatine or whey protein powder is for and when do you take em?
  • Tritimium

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    Sep 03, 2008 10:29 AM GMT
    Google "Vince Delmonte"

    I know I keep making references to him (on these forums, and elsewhere). Sorry. It's just I think he's amazing, and has a lot to offer guys like you and I. I've bought his program - will be starting it later this month (too many distractions until then). He's on Facebook, too.
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    Sep 03, 2008 12:42 PM GMT
    are you sure?? the website looks real ghetto..
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    Sep 03, 2008 1:10 PM GMT
    i dont want to get as big as he is though
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    Sep 03, 2008 1:56 PM GMT
    I am an ectomorph and took forever to put on weight. the key is to eat eat eat, and protein, protein, protein (meats, shakes, etc...). honestly that helped me the most when i was working hard to really gain. I know u want more, but that is basically it, at least for me.
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    Sep 03, 2008 2:15 PM GMT
    The Vince DelMonte program is fine, nothing miraculous. It helped me gain ten pounds and then I hit a major plateau that I did not break until I hired a trainer. His workouts are too long and get really, really repetitive. You're doing the same (alternating) workouts for weeks and weeks on end. Plus, he does that whole bullshit thing all these trainers do where he pretends he's getting hundreds of e-mails per day and that he's just! now! doing some sale that's always offered. I wouldn't call it a scam but it's not going to be that much help unless you come to it already stacked with a lot of lifting knowledge - i.e. perfect form, tempo, etc.
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    Sep 03, 2008 8:10 PM GMT
    Scrawny to Brawny by Dr John Berardi is an excellent book on this subject.
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    Sep 03, 2008 8:22 PM GMT
    I concur with edgey above... i picked up that book and its helped a lot. I don't follow the plan, but the information inside helped me understand my body better. I'm currently on the first workout plan in Arnold Schwarzenegger's book "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding".

    Focus on the big compound lifts, and really work on your form because skinny guys can tend to have a lot of skeletal alignment issues.
  • TexanMan82

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    Sep 03, 2008 11:54 PM GMT
    You need to eat like it's your job. That's a pretty wussy diet plan. You'll NEVER gain any weight eating that little.
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    Sep 06, 2008 6:35 AM GMT
    is this a good place to plan meals?
  • TexanMan82

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    Sep 06, 2008 11:51 PM GMT
    When I first started working out, one of my favorite sites to gather information was

    There are tons of articles and sample meal plans. Plans for both bulk and cut cycles. Go young grasshopper, learn.
  • brownguy

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    Dec 12, 2008 5:27 AM GMT
    I'm in the same boat.

    I just joined this site because it seemed like there were some honest answers on here.

    I'm definitely a hardgainer. I've been heavy into lifting since fall '07. Since then, I've managed to go from 110lbs to 124lbs. I'm 5'3". I've hit a brick wall. Keeping up with a healthy protein diet, muscle focused routines, and pure dedication, I can't put on weight.

    I recently finished a 12 week program. This program took me from 120 to 124. My bench is up, but I still haven't put on any real mass.

    And some of you can relate to this.....people tell you to eat more, but they have no clue how much you can actually eat. I don't know if I can fit anymore into my body lol!

    Nevertheless, I'm gonna try to pack on some weight to work with over the holidays, and get back into it heavy in the new year.
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    Dec 12, 2008 8:18 AM GMT
    Eat. There aren't very many carbs in the diet above. It's a very lame diet for gaining.

    If you have a caloric surplus you will gain weight. If you have a caloric deficit, you will lose weight.

    If you aren't gaining weight, eat more.

    You may have an endocrine disorder, too. Have a blood workup done (CMP) with T3/T4 (thyroid), and fasting glucose.

    Likely, you just plain aren't eating enough, but, you might be sick, too.

    I'm 5'5", and weighed 175 in high school at 10% fat in 1978, without the benefit of weight gainers, etc. Almost certainly, you need to eat more.
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    Dec 12, 2008 6:59 PM GMT
    samerphx has provided some very bad information / misinformed the poster.

    poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats are a standard requirement in your diet. There are a wide range of benefits from fat.

    Please refer to:

    Polyunsaturated fat can be found mostly in grain products, fish and sea food (herring, salmon, mackerel, halibut), soybeans, and fish oil. Foods like mayonnaise and soft margarine may also be good sources, but nutritional facts can vary by style and brand. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, fish and seafood have been shown to lower the risk of heart attacks and slightly increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels.[1] Omega-6 fatty acids in sunflower oil and safflower oil also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but can contribute to allergies and inflammation.

    and to

    Although polyunsaturated fats protect against cardiovascular disease by providing more membrane fluidity than monounsaturated fats, they are more vulnerable to lipid peroxidation (rancidity). On the other hand, some monounsaturated fatty acids (in the same way as saturated fats) promote insulin resistance, whereas polyunsaturated fatty acids are protective against insulin resistance [1][2]. In direct contrast to this, the large scale KANWU study found that neither dietary monounsaturated or supplemented polyunsaturated fats (in the form of fish oil) affected insulin sensitivity, while increased consumption of saturated fat induced a significant decrease in this parameter. [3]

    Foods containing monounsaturated fats lower LDL cholesterol, while possibly raising HDL cholesterol.[4] However, their true ability to raise HDL is still in debate.

    Guys, as I've said so many times, please do your research before posting stuff. You do the reader a huge disservice when you post misinformation.

    Read some more.

    Fats are essential in anyone's diet..., for brain health if nothing else. LOL.

    Fats provide a higher density of calories without producing a heavy insulin response.

    For the poster, MCT Oil would likely also be a good idea.

    I'm guessing the reason the poster is so thin is that he simply does not consume adequate calories, OR, he has an underlying health disorder.

    samerphx is also in error with regard to protein. Your body can only assimilate so much protein at each feeding. You need some meals, often, all day long. Carbs, and fats, are necessary in order to give you enough fuel so that protein can be used for repair as opposed to fuel. Your body's preferred energy source, glucose, is most easily obtained from carbohydrates (various sugars). That is, carbs and fat, are protein-sparing. Without adequate carbs, and fats, you body will go into famine mode and burn proteins. For an ectomorph, fat is essential, along with resistance training, and interval training, to make skeletal mass gains and preserve cardiac threshold. Calories are very much the key, with the training because the stimulus to increase lean mass, strengthen bones, and increase cardiovascular health.

    Managing the insulin response (slower carbs / lower glycemic index carbs) along with metabolic activation and lean muscle mass is how you get big, and lean.