So I finally plan to put on some muscle mass. I can't follow the 12 weeks work out plan here since I can't go to the gym everyday because of working and other activities. I can go to the gym during the weekends, and probably on Thursday during weekdays.

So which work out should I follow if I can only work out 3 times a week? I'm sorry I'm really new with the work out things.

About the eating plan, I can't cook for my lunch and dinner because of working, and the food out there are always oily, what should I do to have a heathier eating plan if I want to put on some muscle mass? I go out to eat during lunch and dinner hour and the food here are like 90% oily lol damn.

I've bought some dumbell to do some light lifting at home too. what routine shall i use if I only have dumbells available?

Do I need to take some supplement and amino acid?

Sorry for those noobish questions and if it's confusing and unclear please ask me, thanks!

My current stat: arm = 11.5 inches
waist = 29 inches

I hope to put on 10 lbs of muscle for a start.