Detoxication, metabolic waste and visceral fat

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    Oct 29, 2012 5:53 PM GMT
    Again, my grammar is bad, but try to read it and focus on punch line.
    Every living organism depends on metabolisation substancies around it. There are substancies that organism can metabolise and some that couldn´t be meabolised, because it´s unknown and organism has not genetical end enzymatical tools to use it. Or it´s known, but some other chamicals for the next processing are missing. Or is it´s known substance, organism has all chemicals to proces it, but epigenetical conditions are missing (well feeded unused muscle will not grow above present level of strain until it´s strained more, no matter how good nutrition is provided).
    Anyway, there are substancies becoming so called metabolic waste. They can come to body like toxins (cigarette smoke) or can be metabolised to toxins (alcohol becoming formaldehyd in liver), became waste as products of unfinished metabolic reactions (insulin not filtered out body in time, calcium plagues from wrongly used mineral suplements which is not absorbed into bones) or are untoxis as individual but in combination with other substancies can become toxic (drugs combination, food additives combination…)
    Matters only the level of danger ot the waste and if it gets out of the body or it stays inside.
    Where can it stand? Mucouse membrans hits the first impact. Lungs and digestive are in permanent contact with the around enviroment, air and all bad in it and digestive is in contact with food and water. So the first fight line is there. When it´s broken, then the body liquids comes. If they are not cleaned and changed, then the sediments will apear in venes, joints and kidneys. That´s the chaotic part. But Your body is in principe used to be in contact with toxins. When they are not get away, they are deposited in fat. Visceral fat, more precisely. Fat under Your skin is mostly saved energy, but visceral fat are loaded toxins.
    Let´s have a closer look. Substancies can disolve in polar or unpolar solvents. Water or fat. What can be solved in water goes to urine. What will be solved to fat, goes to liver, than to bile and is mixed to excrements. But only in the limited volume – gallblader outfall is on the begining of small intestine and all the nutrients can´t be damaged by overload of waste. And if You create more toxins, than You can get out of liver, they are stored there, between organs and mostly in the omentum. Omentums primary function is to separate inner organs from abdominal muscles. It also can store fat and the toxins. You can see it in the gym. Guys with the totaly defined abdominals (not caunting those with deformed abdominal wall) and they have paunch. Why? Not cause of underskin fat. The visceral fat right answer.
    By the way, it can´t be reduced by excersising or diet. It can be reduced only by nutrition. Let me tell why.
    Of course, organisms never lived in clean enviroment. Some kind of toxins was always there. And there evolved a mechanism of handling unremoved toxins. Viceral fat is natural solution. Imagine, You solve the waste into fat and then its like in prison. It can´t hurt again…can´t? You can establish order in small prison. But if somebody has inside some siberian big prison of terror, imagine the order there. The same with omentum. It´s not dead tissue. It´s metabolicly active. It relases inflamation causing agens, agens lowing ability of imunity to fing cancer cells and some other dangerous substancies. But what´s locked in it is always more dangerous than the relased stuff.

    How to get it out? Remember, visceral fat are locked criminals. First You have to handle those having freedom and than You can relase those enprisoned. Remember, First impact was to mucouse membranes. Step one – low the volume of junk going through them (stop smoking, eating junkfood and enorm drinking of alcohol, cofee and sweeted liquids). Step two, start to drink water. Clean water. You can also drik other things, but for the drinking count the clean water is the only one that counts. Minimum is 40 ml per kilo of weight. 2/3 till 12 o´clock. Digesting takes some time, so if You clean the body liquids in the morning, nutrients from breakfast absorbed in small intestine absorbed mostly after 12 o´clock will go to clean body liquids and will be not damaged by metabolic waste. If the waste is not get out, it´s circulating in body and damaging nutirents, tissues and so on. Epigenetical response? Building prison. So the water is crutial, but not enough.
    Water helps to lubricate and regulate inner enviroment, it dilutes it. This helps to balance pH and good pH helps for living right cultures of bacteria. Wrong promotes molds and yeast. Those bacteria counts about 650 species. Forget to supply them in tablets. You have to create enviroment where they can live, not just add more and more which dies almost instantly when they come to that cesspool.
    Healthy food eaten in 5-10 small portions enough of water and right kinds of fiber can get them alive and prosper. Prospering bacteria on mucouse membranes means clean, self cleaning, important substancies producing and selfdefending mucouse membranes.
    Now body liquids. Key is not just to get water into stomach, You have to distribute it by ading minrals. Forget mineral water, I mean biologicaly availible minerals from vegetables, fruit, nuts and high quality suplements. This will start enough circulating and changing of body liquids. Toxins will go only to urine and excrements, not to sweat, not though skin, not through slimes.
    So and the last step is just to add powerfull antioxidants – something what will react with those relasing toxins. Done. Toxins will be relased, handled and transported dout. Simple, don´t You think? 
    Until circulation won´t be ok, until mucouse membranes won´t have back their bacteria, forget any losing of visceral fat.
    How do You reckognize intestines are ok? Your excrements will go out one to two times per day, all and smoothly (right work of peristaltics) , easy formed (right water resorbtion), holding shape, sinking and honey shade (right balance of bateria not creating too much gas).
    Forget for mistakes in grammar. Next time will be physiological. If You want some educating pics or have questions, write me 

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    Oct 29, 2012 10:01 PM GMT
    I haven't gotten that in depth about visceral fat, but I have learned the foods I like that keep it at a minimum.

    The hard part is explaining it to "slightly overweight" (ie. gay-fat) people who think more exercise will take care of the little pouch around their waists.
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    Oct 29, 2012 11:40 PM GMT
    IMAGE HTTP ADDRESS GOES HERE,r:0,s:0,i:69&tx=58&ty=74

    May be the picture will help. I´ll write some more info about visceral fat in next arcticle, where I´´ ll forus on body chemistry. How it´´s created, how it interacts, how actual and longtime changes afects the body chemistry depending procedures like ,,will the toxin go out or will it get stored?" See my previous article and wait for next one. If You´ll have questions - I love them:-) write me. Thanks for reading...