Mountain Biking, Part II

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    Oct 30, 2012 1:02 AM GMT
    My other thread was actually more about the hotness of the riders, since mountain bikers are way hotter than road bikers and bicycle commuters...for the most part.

    But this thread is more about which mountain bike would be awesome for someone who wants to tackle some serious trails, without the 10+ foot jumps.

    So, for you experienced bikers, which bike should I get? More specifically, what price range should I be looking at?

    I already turned down the $1000 Giant Yukon and Giant Talon. Neither of them have the specs I need. Granted I'm still a novice (in my own mind, though I do tackle some serious 'expert/pro' trails), but I want something that'll handle more than I can do. The last thing I want is a bike falling apart at 30+ MPH. That would hurt.

    BTW, my budget cap is around $3500/4000.
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    Oct 30, 2012 1:54 AM GMT
    I'm not up on the latest gear but here's your friend

    You seem into meeting people on the trail so you should get yourself a limo

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    Oct 30, 2012 4:43 AM GMT
    You will have to narrow down on the components of Mt. Biking. When I started Mt. Biking I move from an aluminium hard tail to a full suspension one. Additionally look for the following:

    (1) Carbon Fiber - lighter in weight it will be indispensable when you are trying to hike that hill or if you are trying to speed down the trail.

    (2) Front Suspension - look at the Fork, what metal is it made from since it will be important to reduce friction and durability, and how much in terms of pressure can it take so you want to feel that is taking the brunt of the road, and not you, also look at front axle how easily it will be to release the wheel.

    (3) Brakes - Hydraulic are the best to stop in wet or dry weather. Especially Shimano.

    SRAM and Bontrager are high end components, but are the best. Your budget is in accordance to get a good Mt. Bike that is NOT an entry model and yet a middle tier point that will last you a good deal.

    I have always shopped Trek for my Mt. Bikes. I have a 2007 Top Fuel 98, suspension that I bought a couple of years and spent $3900.00 at that time and it has lasted me for the longest with regular maintenance.

    The Remedy Models for Trek would be your best bet, but they are more in the price range of $5,000.00 but it is an awesome Mt. Bike.

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    Oct 30, 2012 4:53 AM GMT

    iGo Titan 250W Direct Drive 8-speed Electric Mountain Bike Black 2012