Pastor Behaving Badly, version infinity.0

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    Nov 03, 2012 9:33 PM GMT
    "Now what would cause a pastor to bash his would-be daughter-in-law over the head with a mallet then strangle her, have sex with her body, and then bury her, before dressing up her son for Halloween? Could it be....." [/churchladyvoice]

    Yahoo! via APBROOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A central Michigan pastor accused of beating and strangling a neighbor to fulfill a sexual fantasy was engaged to the victim's mother and had asked church members to pray for the young woman before police found her body, a friend said Friday.

    Ex-convict John D. White told investigators that after killing 24-year-old Rebekah Gay in her trailer in rural Isabella County early Wednesday, he hid her body in nearby woods then returned to the trailer to dress her 3-year-old son in a Halloween costume, ready for the boy's father to pick him up.

    White told investigators he repeatedly struck Gay's head with a mallet then strangled her with a zip tie, according to the Isabella County sheriff's office.

    He said he stripped her but does not remember if he carried out his fantasy of having sex with Gay's dead body.

    "We are all absolutely floored," said Donna Houghton, 76, who had a role in hiring White to be pastor at the 14-member Christ Community Fellowship three years ago. She said she protested his innocence until she heard he had confessed.

    "Then he had no leg to stand on," she told The Associated Press.
    White led investigators to Gay's body in a wooded area a half-mile away from the trailer park and later Wednesday was charged with first-degree murder.

    He remained jailed without bond on Friday.

    Gay and White lived in the same trailer park in Broomfield Township, 85 miles northwest of Lansing, and White was engaged to Gay's mother who was a regular at his Sunday sermons, Houghton said. She said the pastor often watched Gay's son while she was at work.

    White "really liked this young man," Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski said. [SIDE COMMENT: icon_question.gif ]

    Houghton said that before White was arrested he had called her to ask that she contact other church members and start a prayer chain for Gay, who was still missing at the time.

    "He was pretty shook up. He said the police were giving him a hard time," Houghton said.

    She said the tiny congregation was aware of White's criminal past when he joined the church. He was released from prison in 2007 after serving nearly 12 years for manslaughter in the death of a 26-year-old woman in Kalamazoo County, according to the state Corrections Department. [SIDE COMMENT: icon_evil.gif ]

    White also was sentenced to probation for choking and stabbing a 17-year-old Battle Creek girl in 1981. [SIDE COMMENT: icon_evil.gificon_evil.gif ]

    "He was absolutely contrite," Houghton said. "All kinds of people turn around and meet the Lord and they are a different person. He was doing a lot of good in the community. ... He was doing a lot of good and Satan did not want him doing good, and Satan got to him."

    Welp, I guess that's one way to explain it, sister...
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    Nov 09, 2012 8:52 PM GMT
    Version infinity.1:

    StarTribAn Isanti County pastor who participated in a ministry devoted to helping people put their homosexuality behind them has been charged with sexually assaulting two men he was counseling.

    Lakeside Christian Church's senior pastor, the Rev. Ryan J. Muehlhauser, 55, of Cambridge, appeared in court Tuesday on eight felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and remains free pending another hearing next month.

    Muehlhauser also was a counselor through Robbinsdale-based Outpost Ministries, whose website says it was founded more than 30 years ago to help men and women "break away from gay life" and declares that "all homosexual behavior is sin."

    Authorities were informed of the alleged assaults from another Outpost counselor, who said the two men told him what had gone on with Muehlhauser.

    According to the criminal complaint:

    One of the men told investigators that Muehlhauser "blessed" him by cupping his genitals outside of his clothing several times and that Muehlhauser asked the man to masturbate in front of him for "spiritual strength." Muehlhauser would also fondle the man at times. Their encounters occurred over a period of nearly two years.

    Another man told investigators of similar encounters spanning most of this year, adding that Muehlhauser feared he would "lose everything" if anyone found out. At one encounter, Muehlhauser fondled the man and then the two joined the pastor's wife for a dinner outing.

    The assaults of the two men occurred at the church, its prayer cabin and at a home belonging to a relative of one of the victims. The criminal complaint made a point to note that "consent by the complainant is not a defense," given Muehlhauser is a clergy member.

    Lakeside Christian Church said in a statement that it was "deeply saddened" by the allegations and urged any potential victims to contact authorities.

    Neither Muehlhauser nor Outpost Ministries responded to messages seeking a response to the charges.

    So is the ministry "Helping put homosexuality behind them," or "helping put a homosexual behind them?"

    "Achoo!" (you sneeze)
    "Bless you!" (cups your nuts)
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    Feb 01, 2013 7:43 PM GMT
    Version infinity.2

    THE HOLY SPIRIT IS COMING!!!! What? Oh, wait, it came already. Pass the Kleenex box. icon_confused.gif

    VaticanCrimes.usJust when you think you had heard it all, another malicious and alarming crime committed by a criminal priest, nun, minister or pastor, surfaces. This one has to be one of the most shocking Evangelical Pastor managed to abuse victims after convincing them that his penis contains HOLY MILK. The criminal: Valdeci Sobreni Picano of Brazil.

    Valdeci Sobrino Picanto is a Brazilian Evangelical Pastor. He has been arrested after deceiving the faithful using the name of the "Holy Spirit", by using these foolish lies.

    This criminal pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit would secrete from his penis in the form of "sacred milk". This pastor said that his penis was blessed and that "the Lord had consecrated him with divine milk of the Holy Spirit" and, of course, he had to release it in order to "evangelize".

    "He has convinced us that only God could come into our lives through our mouth and that's why he would do what he did". Often, after worship, pastor Valdeci would take us to the where the funds were kept at the back of the Church and asked us to have Oral sex with him until the Holy Spirit would come through ejaculation".

    This is the testimony of one of his victims.

    This pastor is already in jail where, he said when they arrested him, that he intends to continue watering his cellmates with his sacred milk.

    Is that the creme de la creme or what? And was the holy milk "Pastorized?"
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    Feb 01, 2013 9:42 PM GMT
    dayumm saidVersion infinity.2
    Is that the creme de la creme or what? And was the holy milk "Pastorized?"

    This is pretty funny.. esp. your "pastorized" comment...
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    Jun 20, 2013 3:47 AM GMT
    dayumm said
    dayumm saidVersion infinity.1:

    StarTribAn Isanti County pastor who participated in a ministry devoted to helping people put their homosexuality behind them has been charged with sexually assaulting two men he was counseling.



    E. Central Minnesota Post ReviewMuehlhauser, 55, of Cambridge, had been an Isanti County pastor serving the community for more than 20 years when he was charged in November 2012 with eight counts of felony, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with two adult males seeking spiritual counsel.

    Muehlhauser pleaded guilty to two of those counts Feb. 28. Under the plea agreement, Muehlhauser will serve 160 days in Isanti County Jail, remain on supervised probation for 10 years and register as a predatory offender. The other six counts were dismissed. Under state sentencing guidelines, a prison sentence can’t be ordered for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct...

    80 days per offense in the klink is a bit light, and dude can thank the state laws and his lucky stars for that. but at least the Judge did something about that "Pastor" part.

    ECM Post ReviewJudge John McBride told Muehlhauser he would have been sent to prison if it had been allowed.

    “I’m pleased to hear you are showing remorse for these offenses,” McBride said. “If the state sentencing guidelines allowed, I would send you straight to prison without the blink of an eye. Sir, you are a criminal, and these are sexual criminal acts you performed. And what’s most egregious about this, is these were young men struggling with their own sexuality and spirituality and you took advantage of both. I can’t think of a more egregious offense than that.”

    McBride acknowledged the impact the crime has on the religious institutions.

    “This also causes harm on other church institutions,” McBride said. “Church is an important part of my life and my family’s life. Church is supposed to be a place of sanctuary, solace and comfort. It is criminals like you who have abused that and have destroyed these institutions — and that breaks my heart.

    McBride ordered that Muehlhauser can never again serve as a minister or pastor, church council member, mentor, counselor or volunteer with a church. McBride did allow Muehlhauser to be furloughed for sex offender treatment.

    “If I’m here and you violate any conditions of your probation, you will go to prison,” McBride said. “You have a high risk of reoffending without treatment. I will not let you be put back into that situation again. You don’t want to see me again.

    Way to go, Judge!
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    Aug 01, 2013 10:54 PM GMT
    Version Infinity.3


    Here's one bishop who can't be beat:

    Tampa Bay TimesTAMPA — The bishop's going rate, according to the experiences of an undercover officer, was signing off on 50 fake community service hours for seven hugs.

    "Hug is too light of a term, I think," said Cpl. Felicia Pecora, who supervised the investigation for Tampa police. "They were very groping hugs."

    Police arrested Charles M. Leigh, 64, on Wednesday on six counts of falsifying records and six counts of falsifying official records in writing, all misdemeanors.

    Leigh, who says he is a bishop, leads the Apostolic Catholic Church at 7813 N Nebraska Ave., which promotes itself as an alternative to the Roman Catholic Church. His sanctuary is hardly more than a small house, and his parishioners include prostitutes and people on probation.

    He also has a record that includes arrests in the '70s on allegations of sexual battery and robbery, although those charges were never pursued.

    Leigh did, however, serve five years in federal prison for a loan scheme. Prosecutors said that in 1981 and 1982, he operated Old Republic Mortgage Corp. in Tampa, promoting it as a loan and mortgage brokerage and overstating his background.

    They said he fraudulently induced people into believing they had loan approval and got them to pay fees from $300 to $7,000. Then he converted the money so that he could use it.

    "This was a very, very bad guy with a very warped style of supporting himself," Assistant U.S. Attorney Warren Zimmerman told the Times in 1999.

    Despite Leigh's past, his church was among the various churches, hospitals and other entities where the Florida Department of Corrections allows probationers to perform community service hours as part of their criminal punishment.

    In June, police received a tip that Leigh was falsifying probation paperwork, the agency said. The state Corrections Department participated in an investigation.

    On June 19, an undercover officer pretending to be on probation went in and waited to meet with him to see about earning community service hours.

    "Oh, you won't have any problem; you're female,"
    a man told her, according to Cpl. Pecora.

    Leigh signed off on paperwork saying the woman had performed 17 community service hours after giving her four "intimate hugs," police said.

    She returned Wednesday and got three "groping hugs" in exchange for 33 more hours, police said. When the undercover officer pushed him away, Pecora said, he dismissed her, saying, "Aw, I guess I'm too gropey."

    She had to push him off twice before officers moved in to arrest Leigh, according to the agency.

    Pecora said Tampa police want to hear from anyone else who may have had similar experiences with Leigh.

    "He claims to be a man of God, but he's really preying on these people," Pecora said.

    Need community service hours? Watch out for Bishop Huggy Bear!
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    May 27, 2015 7:35 PM GMT
    I've been asleep at the wheel!

    Here's Version Infinity.4... Who's gonna break it to dude that he could've saved all that dough with one simple fake profile on RJ? icon_razz.gif

    QueertyPastor Boyd Watson Holder Jr. from the Victory Apostolic Church in Kingsport, TN was arrested last week after officials from the church noticed “between $70,000 and $100,000″ had mysteriously vanished from the church’s bank account.

    The money disappeared from an account only Holder had access to. When church officials confronted him about it, the pastor barked “It’s none of your business!” before banishing them from the congregation. So they all got together did some sleuthing.

    Their findings?

    44-year-old Holder blew nearly $60,000 on the gay dating websites Manhunt and Farmers Only, as well as for repairs to his vehicle.

    $ixty grand??? Gizzawd Dizzamn!

    And that ain't all he blew! icon_lol.gif

    QueertyA grand jury just indicted Holder for theft and money laundering, both of which are Class B felonies. However, the story gets even juicier. Jurors also heard about a little incident involving Holder that happened six months ago.

    The pastor, who is married, was discovered by police getting it on with another guy in a church van in an empty parking lot in the middle of the day last December.

    When officers knocked on the steamy van window, Holder reportedly apologized profusely. Police instructed him not to “have relations in public” again before ordering him and his anonymous male companion off the property.

    Holder is currently being held in a Kingsport jail. His bail was set at $35,000.

    No worries, Pastor Boyd, a few tithes oughta spring ya free! icon_twisted.gif