I had placed an online order for the 4th Generation iPad, in order to get the free customized factory engraving, like I got on our 3rd Gen iPad. But the confirmed delivery date e-mailed to me was later than what had been indicated when I placed the order, to arrive while we're gone to Key West for our annual charity bicycle ride. Trying to reschedule became a hassle, with our calendar too full until after New Year's, including 2 weeks in New Hampshire, and I wanted the iPad for both trips.

So yesterday I canceled the online order, and simply went over to the nearby Apple store and bought a white 64GB Wi-Fi in person. The new iPad minis are hard to get, and they had no 4th Gen cellular models, but since I wanted Wi-Fi only that worked out fine. The only thing I sacrificed was the free engraving.

As always with Apple the set-up was extremely easy, which I did myself at home rather than at the store. Everything from the 3rd Gen transferred perfectly, including all my apps and settings, even the wallpaper photo I use.

Only real upgrade from the 3rd Gen is the faster dual-core A6X chip with quad-core graphics, like my iPhone 5 has, faster Wi-Fi, a better front camera, and the new Lightning connector, which matches my iPhone. It does seem a bit faster in operation, especially on the Internet.

But frankly I wouldn't have bought it for those improvements alone. We simply found ourselves needing a second iPad, because my partner became unexpectedly addicted to our first one. When I heard the rumors that this minor upgrade was coming I waited until it was released, but I would have bought another 3rd Gen if no upgrade had been anticipated. I'm glad I waited until just before our upcoming trips, when both iPads will travel with us. icon_biggrin.gif