Food Weight and Counting Calories

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    Nov 04, 2012 7:02 PM GMT
    I keep wondering this. When the nutrition label says for raw meat 4oz is one serving...does that mean 4oz of the raw meat, or 4oz of cooked meat?

    If you weigh 4oz of raw meat it's definitely a different amount than 4oz of cooked meat.
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    Nov 05, 2012 7:49 AM GMT
    From what little research I've done on the internet, it seems there's a general consensus to simply be consistent. If you measure it raw, measure it raw every time.

    I suppose it might be slightly more accurate to measure raw since water retention during cooking is variable. I'm still skeptical though.

    An interesting point was brought up: if you buy 12 oz of raw chicken and divide into three relatively even chunks, each chunk probably isn't going to be 4 oz, but if you ate the whole package over a day, you would have ended up eating 12 oz anyway. So, there's a bit of consolation.

    Personally, and I ain't even close to an expert on this, I would measure raw and leave it at that. I hope that helps.