OK - This may sound weird, but I am curious . Some years ago, I was in Turkey, and saw a procession of boys happily marching down the street . They looked like they were 12 to 14 years old ( although I am not really a good judge of boys ages) . I asked someone what it was about, and was told that they were on their way to be circumcised . I winced at the thought, and my dick begin to shrink . So, I wondered, is this just a Turkish thing - this waiting until sometime around puberty to be circumcised (ouch!) or is this is true for all Muslim males - or is this limited to a particular Turkish sect of Islam? Early on in my sexual career, I had been with lots of guys, both cut and uncut, but never with a Muslim guy, and I have never known a Muslim guy well enough to ask such an indiscete question. (IRL I'm not so bold as here on RJ.)