To gay men 40+ who were considered "very hot" in their 20's -- Did your life change as you gradually got older?

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    Jan 20, 2016 3:18 PM GMT
    spiffy saidI was never conventionally hot, and probably never will... But now I am more interested in preserve and improve, be the best I can be -- for myself.

    Not used to people "daddy" me though -- I never know how to respond. icon_eek.gif

    AIDS made gay men become more health focused. Back in the 80's, I'd seldom see a gay guy over 40 in the gym. Now the gyms are loaded with hot and mature gay men. But you don't need to be a gym rat, just keep healthy level of exercise and better lifestyle makes a huge difference.
  • whytehot

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    Jan 20, 2016 3:33 PM GMT
    YTC1989 saidHonestly I have yet to see an older guy on this site say they were into guys their age when they were young. All the daddies here were daddy chasers back in the day it seems. Unlikely, but one can probably guess why they would want to say that lol

  • nicelyproport...

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    Jan 20, 2016 3:38 PM GMT
    I'm actually surprised by how frequently and aggressively younger guys seem to hit on me. When I was in my 20s, I thought 30 was too old.