Hey all!

My sister Lauren, 15, cycles and raises money that goes directly to the CHOC foundation here in South Africa. CHOC is an NGO Children's Oncology research unit and of course functions heavily on donations.
As of yet, my sister has raised over R11 000 (approx $1250, €1000, £800)

100 Miles to Nowhere
To start her fundraising for CHOC and cycling ‘career’ with a bang she partook in “The “100 Miles to Nowhere”, an international fundraising event, raising funds for cancer research/care. This event took place from 4 and 5 June 2011 – all over the world. The object of the ‘race’ is to go absolutely nowhere.

Our local event (and the first and only one in South Africa) started at 04h30 and was completed at 15h00.The ‘going nowhere’ of the event is based on the founder of who had to nurse his terminally ill wife and look after their 4 children.

Being an avid cyclist the only time he had to cycle was from 2am to 4am every morning on his indoor trainer, thus cycling but going nowhere.

Lauren, together with 8 team members of Mr Price Cycle Club KZN to whom she belongs completed:
- a 40km circuit on the beach front (8 x 5km)
- a 40km loop in Hillcrest (25 x 1.6km)
- and another 40km loop in a cul-de-sac (100 x 400m),
- followed lastly by 40km on indoor trainers on a veranda.

To let Lauren, who was at the time only 14, have a few breaks in between the 40km distances it was decided to split the 160km. She completed the 160kms and this is now going to become an annual event with big plans being made to involve her friends at school.

Lauren has been selling fudge/spraying girls’ hair etc at her school as well as at the local cycling races, having incredible support for her cause from friends, family as well as all her cycling club friends! All proceeds to CHOC
Lauren officially joined The Cows 2011 Stampede and was the youngest person in the ‘herd’ to raise funds for CHOC.

2010 - Started Cycling on tandem with mom
2010 - July: Won first race – Single Bike – U14 – Toti 69er
2010 - August: Won Engen Dynamic – 50km U14
2011- Won U14 Girls – Argus Cycle Tour
2011- KZN U14 Road Race Champion
2011 - KZN U14 Time Trial Champion
2011 - U14 Trophy – Mr Price Cycle Club
2011 - Most Consistent School Girl
2011 - KZN U14 League

Awarded Full KZN (provincial) Colours

So far, she has raised over R11 000 for CHOC and has greatly assisted in creating awareness for this organization.

How to help
Lauren has been nominated to be awarded title of "Up and Coming Athlete of 2012".

There are 2 other contestants (one is a track athlete and the other a chess player) and she needs as many votes as possible. The system has been structured in such a way that you may vote as many times as you like, simply by refreshing the page after you've clicked "vote"

The address is http://gsport.co.za/2012-spargsport-awards-voting-hall and her name is Lauren Varty.

If you do decide to vote, leave a comment on here saying that you did and from what country you are. So far we have people voting from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, The Netherlands and Morocco.

Would really appreciate it if some of you could do this for us. Voting closes on November 17 2012. Thanks guys! :-)