So recently I came out to my two best friends. One I have known for like 14years, the other is like my brother and its been 6years. They both were shocked, which I wasn't surprised. I told them at different times but they pretty much said and did the same thing. Both said that they loved me and have my back till the day we die. I started crying a little bit because I was so happy. They got up and told me to give them a hug, it was the best thing I could have asked for. Obviously they had a bunch of questions, but it was fun to talk about, we all were laughing and just happy that we were all finally 100% real with each other and know we can get through everything. We' ve been through a lot.

After a couple weeks of knowing, I still talk to them and hangout a lot. Nothings changed icon_biggrin.gif

Thanks for the advice that everyone on here gave me. It really helped. Love ya guys