Rules to being a Liberal: Supporting Diversity and Multiculturalism

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    Sep 07, 2008 4:21 PM GMT
    1. Minorities are socially vulnerable and thus need the protection of rich white liberals to overcome their social oppression.

    2. Minorities require special protection from any offense conceivable. However, this same status does not apply to white honkey, trailer-trash, homophobe, fascist, cracker, redneck males.

    3. Class is irrelevant because focusing on class ignores the greater role racism plays in oppression. If white people are disadvantaged, it is their own fault.

    4. Only Black professors can teach an African-American studies because no other race understands what it is like not to get a job due to the color of their skin.

    5. Black oppression was terrible, however, when they one day become the majority, they are completely justified in oppressing all non-Blacks at that point in time (to include other minorities, homosexuals, women, etc.)

    6. Multiculturalism and Diversity are perfectly acceptable to impose on white students because all history is white history (Swedes, Spaniards, Greeks, Arabs, and Russians all have the same culture and history).

    7. Pointing out and dividing people by our superficial differences benefits society.

    8. It is perfectly acceptable for a school to have a Black, Hispanic, Gay, or Asian Pride Club, but no White Pride Clubs!

    9. All whites are racist (white heterosexual males especially so) unless they adhere to this dogma.

    10. Minorities cannot be racist, as they do not have power.

    Feel free to add if I left anything out. icon_lol.gif
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    Sep 07, 2008 4:26 PM GMT
    Gee, who pissed in YOUR corn flakes this morning?
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    Sep 07, 2008 4:29 PM GMT
    Since this is almost certainly a result of this thread, I shall refrain from participating.

    For the record however, I am a liberal and I disagree with all of these "rules" except 8 which seems an uncomfortable idea! I should also mention that the view of racism espoused by these points is an extremely outdated (and incorrect) one.
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    Sep 07, 2008 4:38 PM GMT
    Actually I wrote this several years ago after seeing a documentary called "Color of Fear" where several minorities and one white dude ganged up on one white dude and verbally attacked him for not being cognizant enough about their definition of racism. These rules come directly from what those guys in the documentary said. It also comes from years of indoctrination in College during "Multiculturalism and Diversity Month" where I was constantly reminded that as a white person I am responsible for all the ills of the world and should get down on my hands and knees and lick the balls of all minorities I come across.

    So again, I just summed up with supporters of Multiculturalism and Diversity have pointed out to me over the years and what they define as being necessary to support Diversity and oppose racism.