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    Sep 09, 2008 5:59 AM GMT
    So I'm just back to New Orleans after a week of Gustav hurrication. How'd all you evacuees hold up?

    Considering how freaked out people were, I was inspired to see how much basic good human spirit came of the whole thing. A friend told me he was volunteering for the Red Cross, and I decided to help as much as I could too. Helped a bunch of the locals speed up their departure and ended up exchanging hugs and well-wishes with complete strangers . . . and when the Red Cross thing didn't work out and I had to walk/hitchhike the long distance home, I was amazed how many people helped me with rides, directions and food. And then there were the Red Cross and National Guard folks from all around who dropped their own lives at a moment's notice. Want to give a shout-out to those folks, since this one's pretty much a media non-event.

    Midway through, two days before the evacuation turned mandatory, I took a walk around uptown among the few people left . . . someone gave me a bouquet of irises and I took them and started handing them to people I saw. Every person I met was eager to talk and share plans . . . plus Creole Creamery was open and selling $1 scoops. Rock. It felt like a really tight community, in a way I've never felt here, though New Orleans has it more than most cities I've visited.

    Every life meets with disaster at some point-- anyone else had that kind of experience before?
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    Sep 09, 2008 7:25 AM GMT

    You know that living in the Caribbean and many hurricanes pass by here. But we do not visit one from George huracaine in 1999. After the passage of the hurricane, had not seen myself to the people of Puerto Rico as united. It is unfortunate to say but vanity and selfishness kills us and we only think of others and of God when thunder.

    I am hurt with Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Miami, New Orleans, who have been enbestidas in more than two occasions for these atmospheric phenomena. Gustav, Hanna, Ike

    Thank you, Gumbosolo you are a hero.

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