naked military men

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    Sep 10, 2008 7:00 PM GMT
    if any of you are or have been in the military, do you have any stories about being naked with other guys? Cuz I've seen pics of really hot military guys naked, and no, it was not a porn site. So yeah, just post your story if you have one. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Sep 12, 2008 8:08 PM GMT
    Yep, and I've posted them elsewhere under other RJ topics. I can paste them here, too, if you want. No sex play involved, but maybe kinda hot in their own way. Lemme know.
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    Sep 12, 2008 8:46 PM GMT
    During my first Army enlisted days I was assigned to an 8-man room with single bunks. If I woke up before the other guys, who were mostly in their horny late teens & early twenties, I'd see their sheets or white regulation shorts all tented up. Or sometimes their big guy had freed himself through the boxer fly, standing up like a fleshy flagpole amid discarded sheets.

    I'd try to edge closer to study them better, but I never dared to touch. Some were so damn beautiful, maybe pulsing slightly with the mushroom heads always uncapped, even the balls occasionally spilling out the fly, too. I'd soon be aching in my own tented shorts.

    Well, in the 1960's Army most of us were shy about showing bare wood around other guys like that, at least in the groups I was assigned with initially. So as guys woke up and realized their state, they'd roll over onto their stomachs and linger in bed until it went away. Or tried to conceal it with a towel until they walked to the latrine to piss it away.

    But one morning the wake-up call came late, and a Drill Sergeant was running around and banging our metal bunks, ordering that we hit the floor "Right Now!" When he left for the next room to terrorize, someone asked why nobody was moving yet, despite the threats.

    After a long pause, finally a voice said: "Well, it's 'cause I got a boner. Any you guys got one, too?"

    There was some soft laughter, and then a chorus of: "Yep, me too." "I got one." "Yes." "Me, too." "Hard as steel." "Guess we all got one."

    "We can't stay in bed till we lose 'em, fellas, we gotta do something," one Private urged. "Drill Sergeant Brown'll be back any second."

    "Well, I know what I'm doing," said another defiantly. "We all seen what a hardon looks like, we all get 'em in the morning, and we ain't homos. So I'm gettin' up."

    And that's exactly what he did, quickly stripping off his white T-shirt & boxers while his dick sprang up to a snappy attention, as he grabbed his towel & shaving kit, and headed for the latrine and a shower. Most astonishing to me was that he didn't wrap his towel around himself, just held it at his side as he marched stark naked down the hall, getting some surprised stares & laughter from guys coming out of other rooms along the way, his stiff cock rendering bouncy salutes to all.

    The rest of us quickly joined him, but more modestly concealed. Over time, however, we all became at ease with it, and before long an entire squad of bare bobbing boners would file out of our room each morning, a liberatingly wanton practice that soon spread to the other rooms, as well.

    Most guys would lose them at the urinals, but a few survived into the gang shower, which often made me go hard all over again in there. But everybody became cool with that, too, since we were still in that excusable "window" of having just woken up, coupled with the rush of water over our bodies, innocent causes of male resurgence we all learned to accept. I guess that's why we could guiltlessly have stiffies in the morning shower, while I remember it still being a no-no back then in HS or the YMCA.

    And then when we pressed our bare dicks & balls against the row of chilly porcelain sinks to shave, most of us still naked & damp, it might happen again, but that was OK, too. In fact, it was more than OK with me.

    The sight of a rank of youthful, fit naked asses all lined up nearly cheek-to-cheek along a long row of sinks, and swollen cocks spilling over their white edges, is an incomparable thrill I had again and again in the Army. Whether in barracks or gym, or bachelor officers housing as my career progressed, it seems Army guys just love to stand naked at the sink after a shower. Gawd bless them all.

    I don't think I ever thanked our roommate for his great contribution to our comfort, and for the wonderful eye-candy it provided me. I wouldn't see lovely scenes of unashamed arousal like that until many years later in gay bathhouses, when I finally got to touch and not just look.
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    Sep 12, 2008 8:48 PM GMT
    Here's something about the Army physicals I took when I was a young enlisted soldier 40 years ago. Later as an Officer my annual physicals were conducted in private, but junior enlisted men at that time had to take them in groups of 20 or more all together, and you saw the other guys getting intimate exams right next to you.

    Initially we'd all be directed to line up in 1 or 2 rows in a large room, or sometimes form a big circle facing inward. In some of my earliest exams we were already totally naked at this point, except for socks, and would remain so for much of the several hour period, as we circulated around nude from one medical examination station to another. But in later years we were allowed to keep just our shorts on the whole time, except as each procedure might require. In which case, for this line-up or circle formation we’d now be told to all drop our shorts at the same time.

    Then a doctor would go down the line(s), or around the inside of the circle, and give us each a hernia "cough" test, with the other guys watching. I saw a few guys go hard during that, I think more from the homoerotic nature of this group method, than from the light touch on their balls. There usually weren't too many smiles or giggles from the others when that happened, because most of us were trying to pretend we weren't watching too closely, which would've been a sign of queer interest.

    We'd next be told to "bend and spread 'em" for the hemorrhoid check, and hope that any guy in your line of sight had taken a recent shower. We'd also have to line up at the scale for our height & weight, often nude again, forced to tighten up the line so much you could feel the heat of the naked skin in front and in back of you, another erotic moment that always tested the limits of my self control.

    And people ask me why I stayed in the Army for 25 years! LOL!

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    Sep 13, 2008 2:21 AM GMT
    In the late ‘60s I was stationed at a very large Army post, that had no fewer than 7 swimming pools scattered over its vast expanse. All were outdoors except for 1, and that was near the many acres of Basic Combat Training (BCT) barracks. You can actually see some of them in the movie “Stripes” which was filmed there some years later.

    Certain indoor swim hours were set aside to accommodate the newest Privates taking BCT, Saturday afternoon into evening as I recall, the weekends being about the only time most of them would be permitted to leave their immediate barracks areas on their own. I think the schedule signs even read: “Male Enlisted Swim Time.” That would have kept Officers away, family members of soldiers, and to some extent the senior Sergeants, so these young kids could have some stress-free time to themselves.

    Another allowance for the Privates, besides the hours, was that the pool during that period was nude. I say “allowance” because the Basic Trainees were permitted to keep no civilian clothes of any kind with them back then, only their regulation issue Army uniform items, which did not include swimsuits. If they hadn’t been able to swim naked, then they couldn’t have swum at all.

    Of course, there were other standard reasons for male nude swimming in those days, which was common in high school programs, colleges, YMCAs and other men’s swimming pools. And I vaguely recall other male-only suitless swim periods at that same pool, but at times less available to the Trainees. These reasons included lower pool filter maintenance, because of the heavy lint the old-style fabrics used to produce, and water cleanliness.

    Plus the lingering philosophy from an earlier era that men simply didn’t require, and would rather go without, any swimwear in the absence of females, men’s suits being in reality for the modesty of any women with whom men might swim, never for the men themselves. The logic also went that since the men had to take a mandatory nude soapy shower in open company before entering the pool area, and another locker room shower afterwards, then donning swim trunks was senseless, when those very same men with whom they'd already been naked were the only people going to be in the pool.

    Any modesty argument in support of wearing suits was already moot. There wasn't anything that everybody hadn’t already seen, nothing to hide anymore, plus the old “we’ve all got the same equipment” mentality that men followed back then. Communal nudity was regarded as a proud male perk, that females were denied or delicately rejected. Nudity separated the boys from the girls in more ways than one.

    And in the case of these young Privates, they were already living in a barracks environment of no individual privacy, with gang showers, toilets without any stalls, dressing & sleeping in open “bays” and so forth. A nude pool should have been an easy, painless step for them, although that wasn't always the case.

    In any case, I was a junior enough enlisted soldier myself, though no longer in training, so that I could swim during those Saturday nude hours with the Trainees. And that’s what I happily did, often after having first worked on my car or motorcycle at the nearby Army Auto Crafts Shop. It was well worth it.

    The pool demographic was very narrow: males mostly between 18 and 24, heads buzzed, with lean, muscular or slightly stocky builds, not too many with much body hair, basically a college-age group but more fit on average. And great asses, almost every one, and about 98% cut.

    Seeing up to a hundred hunky naked young men all around the pool and in the water when I’d first enter the deck was always a rush. I’d usually feel a swelling reaction and head right for the water, to hide the evidence and start to swim it off.

    Once I had composed myself I’d tread water slowly for a time, or hang on to the scupper, and just watch. The 2 diving boards were my favorites, 1 low and 1 high, about 3 meters. Seeing the guys bounce and spring, with their dicks flopping and slapping wildly, was enough to get me growing hard again, and call for more laps.

    Taking my own turn on the 3-meter board was fun, too. Not the diving, but waiting for the climb up. Seeing those bare butts wiggle their way up the ladder would almost cause me to have to flee for the water prematurely. Best was when mine was the next turn to climb, with a guy’s loose stuff swinging above me on the ladder from a decidedly novel angle, an impromptu anatomy lesson I'd study again & again.

    Those young Privates could be amusing, too, especially the first-timers who were shy. You’d hear their apprehensions back in the locker room while undressing, a few caught totally unawares by the nudity, having naively assumed they’d be issued trunks along with their towels like in some schools, never dreaming the stark reality.

    But veterans of civilian nude swimming programs would reassure them they’d “get used to it in a few minutes,” and before long “not even notice it.” Funny, that never happened to me, even to this day.

    I liked to imagine I could distinguish those veterans from the novices around the pool. The former would stride around confidently, as casually as if they were wearing suits, while the latter would slink around more timidly, holding their towels to drape strategically in front, not putting them on the side benches until the moment before they entered the water.

    And some, like me at times, facing a race to see if they could avoid full hardness between the benches and the concealing water. Well, not too concealing, because I and others would do short underwater swims and dives. And while dicks tend to rise underwater, you could spot the ones that were a little too risen and a little too big.

    But you had to give those Privates’ privates some slack. Their communal living conditions didn’t allow for much sexual relief of any kind, except for an unpredictable wet-dream now & then. They weren’t permitted to visit the pool until about their second month of Basic Training, when they got "post privileges," so these were young guys at the peak of their hormones who had been celibate at least 4 weeks or longer. It’s amazing every one of them didn’t walk around with raging hardons all the time.

    There’d be some mild grab-ass poolside, towel-slapping of bare butts and such, but the 4 or 5 lifeguards (who were also nude, identifiable only by neck whistles) were soldiers themselves. Sergeants I believe, with the legal authority to maintain good order, so it didn’t ever get very far.

    Many of the soldiers arrived in small groups from the same barracks, and knowing each other they'd take more liberties among themselves than with strangers. They’d eagerly “out” any of their buddies who was showing the beginnings of an erection, causing the red-faced victim to flee to the water. Sometimes his friends might try to block him and prolong his humiliation while they shouted for others to look, but that’s when the stern lifeguards would step in.

    All in all a wonderful time in my life, that I never experienced again during my 25-year Army career. There were plenty of nude Army saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs ahead of me, but no more nude swimming. Pity.
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    Sep 13, 2008 10:22 PM GMT
    Ticks & Dicks

    I was assigned on Temporary Duty (TDY) to an Army post for 2 weeks in the 1980s, to evaluate an Army National Guard company undergoing it’s summer training there. My job was to judge whether they had attained their annual performance goals, and determine what corrective actions they needed to take to improve their combat readiness during the upcoming year.

    I spent most of my time in the field with the unit, often staying overnight with them, but also coming back to the main post to sleep a few nights in the transient officers quarters I was given. As a Major I had an adequately large apartment, but being of older construction its bath was shared with an identical connected suite. My neighbor was also a visiting Officer evaluating some other unit’s training, and he spent most of his time away in the woods, too.

    One late afternoon we had a rare encounter in our common bathroom, and left the connecting doors open so we could chat about our experiences with the units we were evaluating. As he was about to get into the single shower stall he announced he’d just seen a tick on himself, prompting me to do a self-check on myself, as I finished undressing for my own turn under the water.

    That Army post was notorious for its ticks in summer, and was in an area where Lyme disease was active, a fairly recent scare. I’d previously had the medics in the Troop Clinic there remove some ticks from me, so I’d have an official entry made in my Medical Record in case complications developed. Subsequent ticks I just removed myself, but of course the limitation was the body areas one can’t see or reach.

    Naturally my neighbor had the same problem, and he called out to ask if I’d mind giving him a tick check before he showered. I said sure, and then he could give me one, too. This actually wasn’t that unusual, something I’d done before with other soldiers living under field conditions. And the serious new threat of Lyme disease made us much more willing to do it. Even so, some guys still thought it “queer” and wouldn’t cooperate with checks, or would only check the upper back, refusing to go below the belt.

    But in this case we were both already standing stark naked in the bathroom, so I decided to give him the full treatment while we had the opportunity. Being Military Police I knew how to do an authentic body search, running my fingers through the short hair on his head to reveal sections of his scalp. I checked inside & behind his ears, then worked down his neck and back. I parted the crack of his ass slightly, then brushed the hair on his buttocks with my fingertips to uncover all the skin, before moving down his legs, likewise brushing the hair aside as I went.

    When he turned to face me I started at the top again, but not before catching a glimpse of his uncut cock as I’d stood back up, now larger than I previously remembered it. I was afraid to glance down and see how my own fella was doing, but I was getting a heavy feeling that didn’t bode well.

    I had him raise his arms so I could do his armpits, which made him squirm a little as I recall. His chest & stomach I bypassed as being his own job, and naturally his cock & balls, but I thought his groin should have a look. I asked him to lift up his stuff so I could peer between his spread legs, a standard order we MPs routinely gave to male prisoners being strip-searched, but that I’d never done before during a tick check.

    And yet the deep groin area is one of the most common places to find ticks, and from where the Medics had most recently removed mine, as I mentioned to him by way of explanation following my rather bold request. But he nonchalantly agreed it was necessary because of the Lyme threat and did as I asked.

    He cupped his balls up high as I squatted down, his dick pushed straight up against his stomach and now undeniably larger. I wondered if I should say anything or ignore it, and if I was getting into some serious trouble here. I touched nothing, scanning the area where the back of his taut scrotum blended into the perineum, and checking the upper inner thighs to the left & right, too. I stole a glimpse down at myself and yep, this intimate work was having its effect on me.

    I leaned back and told him “OK.” He released his package, his rock-hard dick spring-boarding to a fully horizontal position that nearly slapped my nose with its head, half-exposed with the foreskin peeling back. Now I really had no choice but to respond, which went something like this:

    “Whoa! I think maybe it’s time to stop.”

    “Sorry, sorry!" he said with a forced laugh. "Kinda hard to control yourself when somebody’s got their hands on your backside, even if they aren’t your wife’s.”

    I knew bringing “wife” into this was intended to send a clear message that “I’m not a queer!” I decided if anyone made the first move it would have to be him.

    “Yeah, well, I guess that happens. I’m really finished anyway, I already did the back of your legs.”

    “Right. You still want me to do you?”

    “Yeah, I guess we oughta.”

    He basically mimicked everything I had done on him, in the same order, except he actually found a tick on my back, near my right armpit. I couldn’t reach it myself, so I gave him a tweezer from my shaving kit and he got it off.

    By the time he was checking my ass I had decided not to resist the urge, figuring his precedent had given me the liberty. I let myself go, actually urging myself on, anxious to be fully upright when I turned around and saw his reaction, giving him a taste of, or at least a look at, his own medicine. The ball, or perhaps more accurately the balls, would now be in his court.

    “Ah, huh!” he said, his eyes wide as saucers.

    “You’re right, hands on the ass does it, sorry.”

    “OK, well, I can’t exactly criticize ya then, can I? Wanna let me look under there?”

    “Sure,” I said as I hiked myself up, now really getting painfully aroused by this.

    "All done," he announced. "No more ticks that I can see."

    I let my own boner do its cantilever thing after he was out of the way, giving a little chuckle I hoped might draw his attention to it. But he was averting his eyes and checking the shower before stepping in, so I presumed he wasn't gonna take the bait.

    I reluctantly went back into my room. I closed the door, which must have seemed odd to him, but I knew I couldn’t take my turn in the stall until I’d lost this throbbing hardon. Otherwise he might know I was seriously aroused in a way he evidently wasn't interested in, rather than having gotten a passing rise from mere physical touches.

    It took less than the time of his quick shower for me to stroke myself to a massive eruption. And then I remained on the bed in a daze, feeling both my cock and entire body seem to come crashing down together, following a couple of long hard days & nights in the field, and a couple of long hard minutes in that bathroom. I was drifting off when…

    [KNOCK][KNOCK] “Shower’s open!”

    “OK, thanks!” I called back, a bit foggy. I verified that my dick was about back to normal size and grabbed my towel, then opened the bathroom door.

    “Sorry, did I wake you?” he said from the sink, still naked as he lathered up his face, no sign of his hardon remaining.

    “Not really, I did start to doze off, but I need to get ready for dinner, then I’m going back out to see some night training.”

    I realized my voice was a full octave lower, as it almost always gets after some draining sex. But I hoped he’d assume it was because of my being tired, and not guess I had just jerked off a few feet away, from the sexual excitement of that tick check.

    That was about the closest I ever got to initiating gay sex in the Army. I suspect he could have been in the same mental agony as I was, both of us balancing lust against our careers, and maybe jail time, unable to judge in those brief moments whether to trust the other guy with our future lives.
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    Sep 14, 2008 11:06 PM GMT
    thank you guys so much for all of your stories. I loved them all!
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    Sep 14, 2008 11:24 PM GMT
    Doing an Army strip search (Be forewarned this may be gross for some)

    When I was a staff officer at the US Army Military Police School (USAMPS) I was tasked with analyzing common MP tasks, to identify any needed changes to governing regulations and Field Manuals. One of those tasks was the strip search, which MPs routinely perform as part of their missions in law enforcement, corrections, and combat operations.

    For all these tasks I would visit the MP School’s training classes, to see what new MPs were being taught, and would also observe & interview veteran MPs in regular duty assignments, who actually performed these tasks in real-world situations. Needless to say, one of my favorites to research was the strip search, which must have been one of the most analyzed of all MP tasks during my tenure. LOL!!!

    The MP School strip search classes used live male subjects, upon whom the instructors would demonstrate the technique, after which the students would then replicate them. I’ll only describe the demonstrations at a time when student classes were entirely male. Not long afterwards these classes became mixed-gender, as more female soldiers were permitted to become MPs, and the things I’m about to describe here had to cease.

    BTW, strip search techniques on females were only described to the male students at that time, not simulated live. Army policy directed that women could only be strip-searched by other women, though we all knew the difficulty that presented in an all-male combat environment.

    I won’t go into all the tedious details of a strip search, but will get right down to the “meat” of the matter. The demonstrator subjects were ordinarily only partially stripped down to their white Jockey underwear, so that certain search steps had to be simulated through the fabric of the briefs. But for a short time a School policy change had the male subjects fully naked, for the sake of “training realism.” I was told the practice was stopped in anticipation of mixed-gender classes, but also heard rumors of complaints to the Inspector General (IG) from soldier demonstrators who didn’t want to be nude.

    The naked male demonstrator would have to do several deep-knee bends (squats) with feet wide apart, a technique meant to passively dislodge “contraband” inserted into the rectum. Next he would be ordered to “bend and spread ‘em” for a visual anus check, the MP looking for protruding objects and any sphincter gaping.

    An actual subject would have been ordered to remove any visible object himself, but demonstrators didn’t simulate this situation. In actual practice, internal body cavity searches and forcible removals would have been referred as needed to Army medical personnel.

    The genital search followed. The subject was told to pull back the skin on the shaft of his penis, retracting his foreskin completely if present, and to fully expose the area under the flared corona of the glans, pointing the penis upwards for a 360-degree view.

    Next he had to grasp the head of his penis and stretch the shaft fully upright, to display the taut underside, and also uncover such parts of his scrotum as his flaccid hanging penis might have concealed. The purpose was to discover any contraband taped or glued to these more obscured parts of the genitals.

    Finally he had to raise his testicles as high as possible, then pull them fully to the left, and then to the right, exposing the entire groin area under and adjacent to the scrotum. “Shifting gears” and “yanking the gearshift” were among the euphemisms we used for that step.

    It’s not surprising that some demonstrators would have complained about having to do this in the nude, and even merely simulating it through their Jockeys wasn’t very dignified. I found it interesting to watch the faces of the MP students, some of them uncomfortable to the point of disgust, and no doubt beginning to have second thoughts about serving as Military Policemen.

    Others, though, smiled and even laughed out loud, until a stern reprimand from a Sergeant instructor, and a threat that they could be made to be the next demonstrator themselves if they didn’t “get with the program!” And indeed, I remember at least one class were the regular demonstrator was unavailable for some reason, making it necessary for one of the students to "volunteer" for the role.

    The “Practical Exercise” would follow, in which the students would each have a supervised turn at repeating what they had just been shown, while all his classmates observed closely. Making a mistake would mean numerous repetitions of the botched step until perfect.

    Meanwhile the poor nude demonstrator would be handling his junk more times than a horny sailor on leave in a gay bathhouse. I heard stories that some would pop a boner every now & then, perhaps good preparation for what the MPs might someday encounter in the real world, but I never saw that with my own eyes.

    And gay friends wonder why I regret not being in the Army anymore! LMAO!!!
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    Sep 17, 2008 1:26 PM GMT
    beaujangle saidi hate to be rude but i notice that all the stories here start with 'back in those days ....."

    aren't they any present ones?????

    Sorry, not from me, retired 14 years. Was hoping somebody else would step forward with their own stories. But one possible advantage to my older ones is they're from a time when life in the Army was a lot less prudish than it is today.

    I'll back off with my "back in those days" stories.
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    Sep 30, 2008 4:50 AM GMT
    Red Vespa, you were an MP? I lived in fear of being found out, either by the MPs and CID, or fellow Cavalry soldiers. I used to travel at least 50 miles from post to meet guys, usually much more. I was still nervous that some CID plant was at a gay bar looking for me.
    Had fellow Cavalry soldiers found out I probably would have ended up an accident on the range or in the motor stables. I dated women and even married for cover.
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    Sep 30, 2008 5:35 AM GMT
    John43620 saidRed Vespa, you were an MP? I lived in fear of being found out, either by the MPs and CID, or fellow Cavalry soldiers. I used to travel at least 50 miles from post to meet guys, usually much more. I was still nervous that some CID plant was at a gay bar looking for me.
    Had fellow Cavalry soldiers found out I probably would have ended up an accident on the range or in the motor stables. I dated women and even married for cover.

    Yes, I was an MP Colonel. Voluntarily enlisted as a Private to be a tank mechanic, got quick promotion and then a commission as an MP officer, when I still only had a HS diploma. Then went to college for a degree so I could continue my career past Captain. Failing health ended my career as I was coming into the promotion window for General.

    Never was I involved in anything as an MP regarding gays. I know some of these things happened, but not around me.

    In fact, I went out of my way to influence the early promotion of an E-6 to E-7 who worked for me, despite my strong belief that he was gay (I even met his lover at one point). He was an outstanding soldier who deserved an accelerated promotion, and I saw that he got it.

    Most officers I knew (c. 1969-1994) really didn't want to mess with the issue of who was gay or not. We had our own version of DADT, sorta like "don't look, don't bother." The enlisted soldiers themselves could be more discriminatory and hurtful towards gays among them, but it wasn't a policy most of us officers initiated or pursued, or allowed when we knew of it. I understand that's changed during the Bush Administration.
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    Jan 21, 2013 8:34 PM GMT
    REAL STORY... this was pre-DADT repeal, most of my buddies knew I was gay and didn't care... like most ARMY people.

    So anyways during AIT (Advanced Individual Training), when we'd take showers, it was communal, a big room with 10 shower heads. Military guys love to play grab-ass at the most random times. Like I've always said, I'm gay but the straight guys in the military are gayer than me.

    So there were times, some of the guys would "play" masturbate just to make another guy in the shower uncomfortable... mostly me. Other times, there would be cock slapping another guy on the ass or throwing shampoo/soap at the guy who's about to get out of the shower, just to make him stay in longer.

    Other times, since we lived in a bay of 50 some-odd guys, there would be times when someone would put porn (straight porn) on the tv at night and EVERYONE in the bay would go over just to watch. No touching or masturbation or anything but a bunch of guys watching porn together... yeah :-/

    I also had a "straight" guy, flirt with me while I was in. To give you an idea what this guy looked like, he looked like a shorter version of Lito Cruz. I had got my wisdom teeth out and was on bed rest for a few days. I was prescribed some pretty strong medicine. Anyways, I would sext this guy at night when we would go to bed and tell him all the dirty things I wanted him to do to me. He'd play along and tell me, "I couldn't handle him" and so on. Later, after we all left AIT, he sent me a pic of his dick wishing he and I had hooked up. This guy was pretty cool cause, I accidentally left my cell phone out one day and he picked it up for me before any of the Sergeants came by and hid it for me, since it wasn't supposed to be left out during the day. But he read a few emails of mine that obviously picked me as gay, but he kept my secret safe.

    I'm not making any of this up... straight guys in the military are SO GAY!
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    Jan 22, 2013 6:53 AM GMT
    One day, I got really worked up and sweaty. I decided to go take a shower. There were lots of other naked men in there and I saw them. Hot!