Michelangelo Signorile is an American writer, national talk show host, gay rights activist, former columnist for Out Magazine and has written for
The New York Times. He wrote Queer In America and LIFE OUTSIDE, The Signorile Report on Gay Men: Sex, Drugs, Muscles and the Passages of Life.

Although LIFE OUTSIDE was written 15 years ago it is still very, very current. Signorile explores the gay male obsession with body image, the elusive search for the perfect muscled body which most of us will never achieve, steroids, recreational drugs, self-esteem issues, unsafe sex, hook-ups and the fear of being feminine. Signorile interviewed gay men around the country and reports on how the gay culture of vanity and narcissism is so toxic and self-destructive it affects most men whether you live in Manhattan or on a farm in Iowa.

Signorile believes the gay community is less oppressed than it was but now suffers from internal oppression because gay men oppress other men based on their physical appearances and this divides the community more than ever.

This book challenges every man who has bought into the shallow pop culture thinking of defining oneself and others by physical appearances. It can take you to a place where you except yourself and others just the way you are.

An excellent read for every gay man.
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