Hey I'm here to meet other gay people because I feel like I can relate to them as friends, but there is no way i'm interested in hooking up. Honestly, this is how I feel but recently I just talked to some guy and told him that i'd meet up. There's no way that's happening though... and thank God. (i'm not pointing fingers and i'm not blaming you)
Being on this site, it's made me realize "respect" a little bit better. There are honestly hot guys out here and I for sure would like to get inside their pants. But like, now that I've met others who are like me... and I am so thankful to see other people who are like me...(just to give a little description aha: gay, asian, dying to meet other people)... and having built these relationships and hopes... I don't want a silly hookup to ruin it all. It's as if i've once again learned to keep my integrity.
I'm guilty of setting up hookups... and i'm glad Ive failed in accomplishing them. Im here to repent.