He says he's getting Twitterbashed by the Red, White and Green. Red, White and Greeeeeeeeeen...

TMZThe drama unfolded on Twitter early Tuesday when the former Culture Club front man announced he would be blocking "mostly Mexicans" from contacting him on the social network ... after he was blasted with hate-mail from our neighbors down south.

So why would anyone wanna hurt George? According to the singer's rep ... George tweeted about the Mexican election earlier this week ... saying, "Mexico has a hot new president and I hope he is good for the country!"

Problem is ... the tweet was MISQUOTED by several Mexican media outlets – which translated the tweets to: "So the Mexican president is a tyrant. Well, if that's true Mexico needs good wishes."

See the problemo?

Ever since the erroneous reports got out, George says he's been bombarded with nasty tweets ... and has now resorted to "blocking anyone who annoys me by calling me 'racist' or mentioning 'presidents!”

That seems like one heck of a misquoting. Any translators out there?

This site claims (thank you, Google Translate) that he issued the first Tweet before the second. But maybe they were misled, too?