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    Dec 05, 2012 1:12 AM GMT

    Hello all,

    My topic is on finding the perfect match for you.

    Its been a while that I'm here, and also on different sites.

    As we all knew, A4A and grindr are exclusively for hook ups. But I did find nice friends from them.

    But, based on my experience, its really difficult to find the person you feel like you want that guy in your life forever.

    First things are first,every one attracted to physical appearance. I know here lots of people are muscular, jocks, but for guys like me its very genetic. I eat a lot , but my body burns calories so fast.I'm so skinny.
    Another thing, even though most people don't agree with me, its very true that every one attracted to only particular race.
    And, its also so hard to find the honest, open minded person. I literally stopped my sexual life because of fear of STDs.

    To sum up, physically, it seems like i'm big turn off to the guys I like, and its so hard to find the guy I like too.

    What do you suggest me? Because of job nature, its hard for me to more concentrate on body now. But, I will eventually.
    But I'm concerned about how you guys find your match if you are in my situation? I'm bit confused.

    All your suggestions are greatly appreciated


    - Murali

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    Dec 05, 2012 10:28 AM GMT
    "Perfect matches" are only found in fantasies, books, and movies. In real life, there are no perfect matches. Yes, many guys are attracted only to guys of the same race, however not all. There are many interracial gay couples. Likewise, most guys with very muscular bodies are attracted to other guys with muscular bodies, but again, not all. There are bodybuilders who like waif-like bodies like yours - just not very many. So, if you only want to date muscular why you guys, they are out there, but they will be hard for you to find, because there won't be so many that meet your requirements and want to date you. You would find a larger pool of men from which you might find dates, if you were in a large city in the northern United States, where there is less racial prejudice.
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    Dec 07, 2012 3:57 AM GMT
    Completely true. Thanks for great advices.

    Yes, I completely agree, perfect matches are extremely rare.

    I think its always great to compromise if the other person is quite intelligent , logical and real loving person.

    As you mentioned, its really hard to find guys I like and guys who likes me. Either way, I'm kind of stuck up. LOL

    So I always think its great to make friends in my city, but its still hard to find.
    Hoping for best.

    Thanks again