In Australia, we need 120 hours of supervised driving before we get our license. So I booked in for the best time on the quietest day to go for it. I get there, my book passed... Then the unthinkable. my car stalled 6 times before we left the driveway (It's an automatic) So I didn't fail, and my car is still roadworthy. But it just can't be driven for the test.

So they rebooked my appointment now at 3pm (School rush) on a friday.

So today (Wednesday) I went for a drive, being that I've never driven in school rush before.

IT WAS NOT GOOD! I got tooted for pulling out too wide, and my car stalled at all red lights and roundabouts. It was never this bad until now so I'm going to book it into the mechanic tomorrow.

Basically, i'm going for my test in a car I've never driven before that is twice the size at peak traffic in the town...

I'm pretty much screwed. And really sad at this point, it took 4 years to get my license because I had troublr getting all 120 hours. Yet I still feel as though I'm a bad driver in lots of traffic.

So what should I do?