Hi everyone, thanks for reading. So my local gym chain here in Salem Oregon is running a 4 week member challange/competition. Three events measured once next week and then in 4 weeks, best improved and best overall score for men & women, by age band for each club (I think they have 6 clubs in Salem, Courthouse Athletic). It’s open to everyone, even the personal trainers are participating, but they can’t win.

The categories are bench press, squat, and 1/2 court line drills. 1 point for every squat and bench press you can do. Bench presses are not to the chest but to a rolled towel on the chest, and the squats are not a full squat, I think to an 18” box, the line drills are how many you can run in 60 seconds to 1/2 court, each line touch is one point.

I’ve been working with a trainer for a year solid now, he and I are both going to qualify next Tuesday, I think it will be fun. I’ve been doing “correct form” bench presses and squats for awhile now, and at my age bracket (45) I will have 80% body weight for squats and 90% body weight for bench presses, my weight right now is 210. The line drills are going to kick my ass, never been a sprinter, but we have been practicing them for the last couple month’s, I figure if I really push myself I should get 18-20.

I want to make sure I eat right and have maximum energy the morning of the competition, I usually eat about 2 hours before I go to the gym, at 7:00 am. Always oatmeal, 2% milk and dried fruit, followed by a glass of V8 and a hard boiled egg. It took me quite awhile to get to this combination, it keep me energized for my workouts and I don’t get nauseous after working out. On my 15 minute drive to the gym I drink a sugar free power drink, been liking Amp sugar free these days, and right after my workout I have a PowerPro protein shake.

Any thoughts or recommendations from anyone who thinks I might be able to tweak my routine the morning of?