Suspicious Person or just Weird Mistake?

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    Dec 06, 2012 8:56 PM GMT
    So earlier today some guy came to the door and rang six times, knocking at least three times. Most of the times it's salespeople so I don't bother, but I was getting annoyed so I answered.

    Some guy was standing there saying he was looking for a Michael. He kept saying that he knew he dropped him off there, and kept going on and on. Eventually he left, got into a car full of guys and they just drove off and I didn't think anything of it.

    But looking back I found his story a bit weird. If they were friends, how could he not know his address? If they didn't know where he lived how could they at least not have each others number?

    I normally don't overthink these things, but I'm just wondering was this just a weird mistake or was this guy suspicous? I've heard tons of stories about robbers staking out a place, or deliverymen looking through the doorway for valuables.

    This guy just kept going on and on, which I found weird, and he kept ringing which I found even weirder. Could he have been tryng to make sure no one was home so he could rob the place?

    I may be overthinking this. A little RJ input please?
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    Dec 06, 2012 9:12 PM GMT
    If you live in a row house or apartments, this guy could have been confused regarding the last time he was at "Michael's" similar looking place. His odd behavior & confusion could have been related to drugs, and drug deals.

    Thieves (at least professionals) generally don't keep ringing a doorbell & knocking, if you're at a location where neighbors might here it and see them. It's more likely he really thought someone lived there he was trying to contact.

    I would keep your doors & windows securely locked. And maybe get a security peephole installed in the door, along with a chain.
  • AMoonHawk

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    Dec 06, 2012 9:18 PM GMT
    You're being targeted for a robbery.
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    Dec 06, 2012 11:41 PM GMT
    @Art_Deco: I live in a house, and most of the houses look different around here. (At least they have features that distinguish them). I'm not sure about the drug thing, I guess it's possible. If he was a theif, he definitely wasn't a professional, but I always make sure to lock all doors and windows, and there is a peep-hole in the front door. Thanks for the input though. Drug activity completely slipped my mind.

    @amoonhawk: Well, thanks for the input ... I'm guessing that's what you honestly belive based on the evidence.