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    Dec 07, 2012 8:01 PM GMT
    Edit: Title was: Tell Us About A Memorable Sex or Romantic Experience

    Kiss and Tell. Not all sexual encounters are run of the mill ordinary. There must be a lot of guys on here who have had an especially memorable romantic or sexual encounter. One of my most memorable romantic sexual experiences (and I am excluding times spent with my current partner, as I don't want to embarrass him) happened on a river rafting trip down the Grand Canyon with a group of 20 gay men. About half the guys were from San Francisco, half from NYC, and a few Arizonans thrown in. The New Yorkers brought many changes of clothes. The San Franciscans came with just blue jeans and few psychedelic drugs. We had stopped for rest, lunch, and exploring side canyons. I had taken some acid that morning when we started out, and it was just beginning to kick in . I and my buddy Chuck, who I was seeing at the time (long since passed on) decided to hike to the top and see the view . He was very well built, like a lot of guys on RJ, except he didn't shave his chest . I always thought he was a copy of the Marlboro Man, except neither of us smoked . At the top we found a large shiny flat rock, and incredible view of the canyon. The distant walls of the canyon shimmerrd in a myriad of colors, in a way that you could only see if you were on acid. This was very pure LSD, and this was a time when you didn't have to worry about it being adulterated in any way. The 2 of us, lying on that flat rock, explored every inch of our bodies. We eventually both fucked the other, and there was this feeling that our 2 bodies had been unified into one. After an eternity, we hiked back down, naked.

    OK, if you got this far, let's hear some of yours.
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    Dec 07, 2012 9:04 PM GMT
    Do you seriously expect anybody to top that?

    Any astronauts in here?
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    Dec 10, 2012 9:53 AM GMT
    In high school - small Midwestern town. I was pretty shy, not a jock then - junior year - just becoming aware of being attracted to other guys. We got a new foreign exchange student from Norway that year. His name was Lars. He was a jock. He was a swimmer and a gymnast, and he skied (what Norwegian doesn't?) He had a relaxed jocularity that I envied - always seemed to have a smile. A shock of blonde hair, loosely falling over his forehead, almost obscuring his blue eyes. He frequently would brush his hair back with his hand. He hung out with the jocks, and was very popular with the girls.

    I think I kind of idolized him from afar. I wasn't part of his circle of friends and we had never spoken, but he was in my chemistry class and my English class. One unusually warm winter Saturday a bunch of us boys were hanging out, and decided to go skating at the local pond out by the woods. Skating was one athletic activity I could do OK, since that's what kids did in the winter time there. As we were getting it together to go, Lars happened along and shouted from across the street that he'd like to join us. As he crossed the street I said, "Ha det," which I understood to the Norwegian way of greeting a friend. I don't know whether I got it right or not, but he caught my eye and gave a big smile. I'm pretty sure the time I did not have a crush on Lars, but I wanted to be him. That's the only way I can explain it. After about 4 hours of skating, the boys wanted to pack it in and get back home to watch TV. Lars was still skating, so I hung around as well, so I could talk to him, which I had never done before. I had a thermos of coffee, into a which I had put some whiskey, and offered him some. He smiled and said, "Ja, tak," ( at least that's what I think he said) even though he spoke perfect English of course. I think that was an expression of appreciation for my earlier having tried to say hello in Norwegian. We set next to each other on a big log, and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a joint. he asked me if I wanted some and I said yes, even though I had never smoked marijuana before. I took one puff, and began to cough. Lars laughed and showed me how to hold it in my lips and suck in a lot of air around with it so the smoke wouldn't be so hot. Then he held the joint to my lips while I tried to inhale. I coughed again, but I felt this incredible tingling in my face where his fingers touched me. Then he said the only way I'd get enough smoke in me would be for him to take a deep hit, let it cool for a second, and then rebreathe it into my mouth. I was game. I opened my mouth, and he pressed his lips to mine and forced the smoke out of him and into me. Already slightly high, now I was very high. He kept his lips pressed hard against mine. I opened my eyes, and saw that he was looking directly into my eyes. I felt some imcredibly strong feeling pulsing through my chest, and he had put his hands on the back of my neck, pulling me forwards to him. I really didn't know what was happening, but I knew I liked it. He started kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I had never even kissed a girl that way, but it felt so natural. We continued kissing for a long time, and then he lay me back on the log and undid my fly, sticking his hand in my pants, and pulling out my dick. I came almost instantly. He gave a little laugh, smiled, and said something in Norwegian I could not understand. It was dark as we walked back to town. I don't know what my emotions were, I just knew I felt wonderful.
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    Dec 10, 2012 4:58 PM GMT
    Here's my contribution.

    After I hit my teen years, the raging hormones made me even hornier. There wasn't a day that went by without me thinking about sex. My masturbation frequency was at a an all-time high, I could cum & cum & cum & yet still feel horny.

    I began to search for other outlets for my sexual release. A friend introduced me to reading novels & boy! It opened up a whole new sexual world! Soon, I was reading every novel by the likes of Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, Jackie Collins etc. I would lose myself in the various exotic scenarios of sexual acts depicted in the novels. I learned so many terms to describe a man's cock; manhood, man-meat, member, schlong, dick, hose, cum-spewing serpent, juice-head etc etc. I began to fantasize that I was the heroine in the novels submitting wholely to the hunky heroes. I wanted so bad to be fucked by a fully grown up man.

    This hobby led me to frequent a book rental shop that is near my school. I would spend many afternoons after school, reading up on all these sexual novels. Sometimes, when I liked it enough, I would rent them home to read & wank myself off while I was at it.

    The owner of the book rental shop was a middle-aged Arabian man. He was stockily built, with big fore-arms, hairy chest & sported a moustache.From the books that I was renting, I guess he figured out that I was a sex-starved kid. I remember one afternoon there was no one in the shop, he came up to talk to me, on the pretext of recommending me books to read. He handed me a few novels & told me they were good reads. As I stood there, I felt his hands brushing against my thighs. I was wearing shorts for my uniform then & the trend back then was to wear it really short. Of course, My school shorts was trendily tiny as well.

    It soon dawned on me that the brushing was not an accidental one when I repeatedly felt it. My heart was pounding like mad. This man is trying to seduce me! Visions of me sucking on a grown man's cock began to fill my mind & I got even more sexcited. Yes, this could be my 1st chance to suck a grown man's dick! I stood there frozen, not knowing what to do next. The more he touched me, the more I could feel my own meat throbbing under my shorts. Shit, I was getting a hard-on!

    The owner took my frozenness & the tent in my shorts to mean that I wasn't rejecting him. This made him bolder & he led me to the back of the store where we are obscured from public view. While there, he grabbed my crotch & rubbed his palm all over my white school uniform shorts. I felt like I was going to die, my heart was racing at a rate that I've never experienced before. Fuck, I'm gonna have sex with a grown man soon, I was thinking at the back of my head.

    Next, I felt the bookstore owner's fingers slipping under the opening of my school shorts. He peeled my shorts side-ways so that my balls were exposed. Gingerly, he used his nails to tickle my balls & I instantly felt waves cruising all over my body. Oh man, being touched by an adult man is so different from being touched by someone who's my peer. All those sexual scenarios I read about in the novels came rushing back to me. Oh yeah, let me submit to you, Daddy.

    By now I was already hyperventilating. I was breathing so fast like I had just finished a 100 meters dash. I dread the moment where the owner will try to release my pulsating red meat from its stronghold that is my puny school short. Which is what he's trying to do at this moment. His fingers went underneath my underwear, took hold of my hard-on & tried to lure it out into the open.

    It was all too much for me to handle. Oh fuck, I am going to cum! Oh fuck!!! Next thing I knew, I blasted my thick white teenage juice in my shorts. I was immediately embarassed by the fact that I had cummed in my own shorts, I ran out of the book shop.

    On the way home, I was so guilt-ridden & the wet sticky mess at my crotch served as a constant reminder of the shameful situation I had put myself into. I told myself I would never go back to that shop again but I would eat my words later.

    More on that next time.
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    Dec 15, 2012 8:09 PM GMT

    I just finished college and came home and would spend my time at the gym late at night after work. I would keep to myself in the locker room and enjoy my quality time in the shower and steam room as I found it relaxing.
    A couple of nights I noticed a guy on the floor and in the locker room who of course was very attractive. He was tall like myself, 6'2, latino, muscular, had a well trimmed beard and wore a hat. It was hard not to look at him, especially since he looked mad all the time so I avoided meeting his gaze.
    One night I finish up and head to the showers and by chance here is the guy I have been half eyeing and avoiding. He is showering and I take a hot second to take in whatever I can see. The dedication he has put into his body very apparent in the definition throughout his body. I by chance also made eye contact in passing and saw him looking at me as well.
    As I showered in another section of the locker room, I decided to take a chance and see if I could get a reaction out of him. I went to the steam room, made sure he would see me go in, and sit on the top of the bench with my legs open to give a casual view to whom ever might pass by. A few seconds later he came in. I made note as to whether he took a glance or not and he took the bate. Everyone once in a while taking in what I was showing.
    To remove any doubt, I tried seeing if he would follow me back and forth between shower breaks and the steam room. He followed me back and forth. So I finally decided to push it further and get hard before he came back into the steam room. I did so and sat on the lower ledge of the bench so he would have to be more obvious in looking down to look at me.
    He came in and after taking a glance quickly covered himself. To begin with there was plenty that should be covered up as he was well endowed. With him covering now, there wasn't much he could do as he kept getting bigger. Someone else came in and we waited for him to leave. Once he did I began stroking and my friend began following suit.
    We made eye contact a few times, being aroused as we both grew larger and our breathe quickened. He then asked me "You suck?" all I did was nod and say "uh huh", and he shoved himself inside my mouth. He took no time in being as rough as he wanted and I enjoyed it. I had my hands all over his legs and his ass and they were just as rock hard with muscle as they looked to be. He pulled me up hard and kissed me passionately. I became even more aroused as I could see his eyes focused on the door to make sure no one was coming.
    He then forced me against the wall, kissing my neck and teasing me from behind. He was much stronger than I anticipated and at times was choking me without realizing he was. I said nothing as I found it very stimulating. He then made me sit down again and forced his way into my mouth and in a few seconds released.
    He left without saying goodbye but left me with one of the hottest random get togethers I have ever had.