This film, THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES, was originally to be released in theaters nation-wide sometime in 2008 by MGM. Due to MGM, at the time, going bankrupt, it never got released.

As a horror film geek, people always ask me "Kevin, what is one o' the scariest films you've ever seen?" This question is impossible to answer cuz, to be honest, NOTHING scares me anymore.

Except the subject of true crime & serial killers. This film did, in fact, scare me & unnerved me to the core. This film is NOT real (only made to make ya think it IS real..), however regardless all is true in its manner of depicting modern day serial killers who are completely sociopathic & "disorganized" with their crimes. Plus, the psychological things this killer, "The Water Street Butcher" does & says to his victims to instill dread & hopelessness is beyond horrifying & creepy.

The film is a collection of the actual tapes from the killers' collection he shot himself, interviews with FBI profilers, people whom knew the victims, newscasters that covered the story in the area at the time, etc....

Below, the 1st video is the MGM trailer for it , & at the bottom is the entire movie I found on case if ya wanna give this film a gander. I couldn't sleep after it. Enjoy! icon_eek.gif


The film in it's entirety: