Most of you probably know about Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" song. Despite the repulsive subject matter of kissing girls, I really liked the song. But my lesbian sister impressed upon me how bigoted the song is, since the song has a line how "It's not what good girls do//Not how they should behave." The line seems to suggest girls should not do same-sex kissing.

If you actually consider the lyrics, however, the lines immediately preceding the offensive content say, "No I don't even know your name//It doesn't matter//You're my experimental game//Just human nature." The natural language interpretation suggests that the "it" in "It's not what good girls do" line refers to "experiment[ing]" with people whose "name [you] don't know." While I'd disagree that it's immoral to experiment with total strangers, it's not bigoted to think otherwise.

Perry's other song "You're So Gay" is an entirely different matter, of course icon_neutral.gif