Here we Go Again .... Palin refusing to cooperate to the Commission into her alleged abuse in firing Public Safety Official

  • GQjock

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    Sep 16, 2008 10:55 AM GMT
    Once again we have the EXACT same tactics as the Bush White House when questions come up against her

    If she has nothing to hide... then WTF?

    She made an ethics violation AGAINST HERSELF
    because that would have stopped supeonas being issued and allowed her to name a three person panel ... who SHE PICKED HERSELF to investigate
    instead of the Legislative panel who unanimously voted to authorize

    Again, does she have to show you anything else that she is the carbon copy of what you got right now?

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    Sep 16, 2008 11:22 AM GMT
    Repubs will think that she is justified. ...Dems will think she is not. ...The important people are the independents. ...It is how they feel about her refusal to cooperate that will matter.

    The legislative investigation is bipartisan. It was a Republican who cast the tie breaking vote to authorize subpoenas. She will have a hard time bucking that. ...And this will reflect on how she is able to work with Democrats. ...Refusing to play ball doesnt look good.

    The Personnel Commission that she suddenly wants as venue for this investigation is composed of people appointed by her. ....I think a case could be made that they are "tainted," too.

    [Palin's former press secretary] "said Palin's attorneys have turned over to the board e-mails that contain "new information that exonerates Palin and proves Monegan's egregious insubordination." "*

    If Palin thinks she has such exonerating evidence, it would have been better to trust in it, even release the evidence to the public. ...But to refuse to cooperate is going to send the signal that electing her to Washington is only going to continue the interparty fighting.


  • HndsmKansan

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    Sep 16, 2008 12:05 PM GMT
    I'm not surprised about the behavior of the Palin woman at all.. I think Cas has it right.. how independents will view this behavior.
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    Sep 16, 2008 12:12 PM GMT
    I was reading the "Lexington" column in the The Economist last night. The columnist indicated that McCain actually wanted Tom Ridge or another candidate for VP (his name escapes me) but reluctantly chose Palin because the other two are pro-choice and Palin is not. As the columnist correctly pointed out, McCain is repeating the same mistakes as the Bush administration, trading competency for purity on "Roe vs. Wade". I wish McCain would have stuck to his guns and not tried to appease the religious right so much. Where have their views and policies gotten the USA in the last 28 years?
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    Sep 16, 2008 12:34 PM GMT
    Actually she agreed to cooperate, but once she was named as McCain's running mate she was advised not to, as yet.

    Of course while she is continually skewered by all of you let's not forgot none of the candidates are currently free from "controversy"...

    case in point:
    (recent press release)
    Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has apparently revealed that the centerpiece of Barack Obama's conversation with Iraqi leaders in July was his hope of delaying the draw-down of American military forces in Iraq. Zebari's recounts that Obama "asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington." Obama also reportedly insisted that Congress steer negotiations on the time-table of troops withdrawal, rather than the Bush administration, which he described as being in a "state of weakness and political confusion."

    Obama's campaign has denied these accounts of his visit to Iraq. Such a private request for delayed troop reductions would run counter to Obama's public statements on Iraq, in which he calls for an immediate withdrawal. Further, an attempt to subvert the executive branch would be contrary to established U.S. foreign policy.

    If Zebari's statements are discovered to be true, Obama would be guilty of the most unadulterated political profiteering and moral corruption in modern history. To seek electoral gain on the deception of a nation at war and the blood of American soldiers is nothing less than treasonous villainy - for which the offender ought to be tarred and feathered before being expelled from the country.

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    Sep 16, 2008 2:49 PM GMT
    and just to exemplify her government record.... a little light reading from the NY Times:
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    Sep 16, 2008 3:01 PM GMT

    Obviously, more of the same bullshit from the McCain campaign of lies and deceit.

    Obama camp hits back at Iraq double-talk claim
    13 hours ago

    PUEBLO, Colorado (AFP) — Barack Obama's White House campaign angrily denied Monday a report that he had secretly urged the Iraqis to postpone a deal to withdraw US troops until after November's election.

    In the New York Post, conservative Iranian-born columnist Amir Taheri quoted Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari as saying the Democrat made the demand when he visited Baghdad in July, while publicly demanding an early withdrawal.

    "He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington," Zebari said in an interview, according to Taheri.

    "However, as an Iraqi, I prefer to have a security agreement that regulates the activities of foreign troops, rather than keeping the matter open," Zebari reportedly said.

    The Republican campaign of John McCain seized on the report to accuse Obama of double-speak on Iraq, calling it an "egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas."

    But Obama's national security spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said Taheri's article bore "as much resemblance to the truth as a McCain campaign commercial."

    In fact, Obama had told the Iraqis that they should not rush through a "Strategic Framework Agreement" governing the future of US forces until after President George W. Bush leaves office, she said.

    In the face of resistance from Bush, the Democrat has long said that any such agreement must be reviewed by the US Congress as it would tie a future administration's hands on Iraq.

    "Barack Obama has never urged a delay in negotiations, nor has he urged a delay in immediately beginning a responsible drawdown of our combat brigades," Morigi said.

    "These outright distortions will not changes the facts -- Senator Obama is the only candidate who will safely and responsibly end the war in Iraq and refocus our attention on the real threat: a resurgent Al-Qaeda and Taliban along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border."

    Last Tuesday, Bush announced plans to remove 8,000 US troops from Iraq in the coming months and send 4,500 to Afghanistan by January.

    Obama said the president was belatedly coming round to his own way of thinking, but also accused Bush of "tinkering around the edges" and "kicking the can down the road to the next president."
  • GQjock

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    Sep 16, 2008 9:35 PM GMT
    Sarah Palin's Secret Emails

    The Palin administration won't release hundreds of emails from her office, claiming they cover confidential policy matters. Then why do the subject lines refer to a political foe, a journalist, and non-policy topics?

    Palin E-Mails Show Intense Interest in Trooper's Penalty

    By James V. Grimaldi and Karl Vick
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    Palin Asked to Release Husband's Emails
    The Juneau Empire
    September 15, 2008 08:51 AM
    Those e-mails could shed light on how Gov. Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, runs the state. And they could also help reveal what role Todd Palin, who the state Legislature's special investigator called a "central figure" in the governor's firing of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, played in his wife's administration.