Hey Gang,

So, after starting the year off strong last year, I've kind of let myself go toward the end of this year (I think it was all that football and tailgating but whatever).

Anyway, part of my success last year (I lost 12 lbs and 4% body fat in 3 months) was a competition with my roommate. He's on some other training that makes the competition between us not make sense anymore so I figured I'd come here to see if anyone is up for a little challenge to start 2013 right.

In business, I've always found that I've had the most success with what I call a "running buddy" (no, I don't mean actually running) and I think the same concept applies here. Basically, just someone to keep yourself accountable and to have something on the line.

Before I go into any real details of what I think could work for this, I was just curious to see if anyone would be interested in being my virtual "running buddy" and interested in some friendly competition.

For my own selfishness, you'd have to have similar goals to me (I'm looking to get leaner and more toned. Don't care to bulk up) and be in a similar physical condition but that doesn't mean other people can't find someone for them in this thread too.

Right now, I'm 25, 6'1", 208 lbs w/ 15.5% body fat (I use one of those body fat monitors you can get on amazon). At my best last year, I was right around 195 lbs. and 10.5% body fat and I'm looking to get at least to that w/in 3-4 months.

So... If any of this sounds of interest to you, reply here and I can come up with some more details.

Merry Christmas!