have checked out the exercise routines mainly on RJ, BB and Mens Health thus far. there are just so many options, and am not sure how to choose the one most suited to me and my goals.

Are there any of these routines that you all would highly recommend for me essentially just starting out?

Oh, I should mention I travel for my job, so the exercise rooms in the hotels (which suck where I currently go BTW) is my limit as well as whatever I can do in the room on my own.

My goals are to lose weight (would love to get to 180/190ish) and build muscle. I mean i wouldnt mind staying my current weight really if I replaced with muscle and just went down elsewhere.

I definitely want to work my butt off, but dont want the routine to be one that just kills and makes me stop.

Love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Or even if you have different recommendations other than already documented routines on the sites I mentioned.

Thanks men!