I am creating this thread to share motivational stories about hard gainers (ectomorphs) gaining weight and the physiques that we really want.

I myself have a very hard time developing my chest, my calves, and my abdominals (though no problems getting obliques).

I got into weight training again, taking a rest from Capoeira, because a person, whom I held deep respect for made a comment about my chest (it looked like it did in my profile pic that is to the side) and I took it personal and decided that I want a chest... as much of a chest that I can muster or grow.

One of the personal challenges I have is keeping up with food intake. I am trying to build muscles as naturally as possible. Sticking to my diet of 5-6 times a day of food is exhausting. And when I have to go the bathroom forget it. Diet consists of lots of meats, fish, simple carbs, nuts, fruits.

I don't want to go overboard with the protien shakes, so I guess i have to get used to the diet and the constant eating. I drink nothing but water. I only take the shakes on the days I workout, one scoop of muscle milk 1hour before and the full dosage (2 scoops) after the workout. I work out 3 times a week. I also take L Glutamine to help me recover as recommended by my trainer.

The workouts are mainly heavy weights (more than Ive seen some of the bigger guys doing), shorter reps @ 4 sets. Though sometime my workout partner-trainer will have us do high reps or negatives.

Started @ 155 or so, I went up to 174lb, and now I am around 167lb. When I was at my biggest, my body fat and muscles got "used up" after a week of sex with my boyfriend in my long distance relationship. So I used to leave at 170 something and come back at around 163ish. My goal is to be 172 of solid muscle and very little body fat.

So to all ectomorphs on this site, can you share your motivation, your goals, how you deal with the challenges of being a muscle and fat burner, and any tips you have.