New General Practice Doctors.

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    Sep 19, 2008 1:09 AM GMT
    I have an appointment with a new Dr on 9-19, for a "physical".
    I am a bit nervous.
    It has been many years since I had an actual "physical"....I mean Ive had a couple of surgeries since my last "physical" and lots of changes, but I am still haunted by all of the "bad expereinces" and "bad news" of previous "physicals". I don't know what to expect of this Dr. I don't even know if I should take in a list of questions or just what to dr's talk to patients or is it stricly a "hands on" silent exam?
    This is my new Dr. I met him for an initial "meet and greet" a few weeks ago and he was nice enough...... still, the "unknown" and my "antiicpation" are driving me nuts!
    I will let you know if I survive the visit or if I have some sort of strange expereince.icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif
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    Sep 19, 2008 2:20 AM GMT
    Relax, it's just a physical and as such it is just to get a baseline exam of where you are. It is of course a physical, meaning the point is the exam, but if you have questions ask them, but also there is no point in trying to 'make up' questions. Your Dr. will probably start with some overall chit-chat and then move onto the exam. Who it progresses from there will depend in part on you, do you talk and ask questions? Do yo engage with him on some level -- this is afterall a social interaction and how you handle things depends on how the exam goes. If you engage and ask questions so will he, if you don't, then he probably won't unless there is reason to.

    Also if you've had surgeries, then you've also had a physical, as most surgeries require a physical or some sort of screening before going ahead with the surgery, so a physical isn't something all that different than you've had in the past or something to weired you out.

    The bottom line: be natural. The Dr. isn't worried about your exam and isn't going to lose any sleep over it, so neither should you. You've met him and he was nice -- not a sociopath. He's not going to change over night. He'll probably be nice and professional, and will be happy to answer any questions, or be just as happy if you don't have any. This is still part of the getting-to-know-one-another process, and both you and him will probably be on the best of behaviour. Relax and be yourself. He's going to exam your body, and judge where you are overall on major health issues. but that's why you are going to him, and it doesn't say anything about your overall health -- other than you are being responsible and taking care of it.

    Anyway it's really not a big deal, and I assure you it isn't for him, so shouldn't be for you.
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    Sep 19, 2008 7:55 PM GMT
    Thanks for the reassurance.
    I had the physical and for the first time ever, got a positive and clean bill of health! Yeah!
    He was impressed with my numbers and my build, and my routine and everything, etc.
    The only thing he gave me any caution on was that I need to be drinking more H2O, keep using condoms for "safer sex" (I do) and keep doing what I am doing.
    I had him laughing over several things......especially the entire conversation about protate cancer....(not meant to be a funny topic, but in this context it was...) my only answer back to him was that I have a hard time urinating in the AM because of "morning wood".....he was laughing and said that MANY men would LOVE to have that problem.....and then he was asking about any troubles with my "Libedo or Erectile Disfunction"...I told him that they are OVERACTIVE and I need to reduce them a bit, and he was laughing more and said I am lucky and to "keep it up" as long as possible! LOL!
    I guess I will keep this Dr....he was a real person and very much the communicator... Thanks for helping me ......just a bit of stress on top of a week without power, and major damage to the house from the windstorm, etc, just wasn't ready to add my previous bad expereinces with a doctor visit to the mix...and it DIDN"T happen!