Organic Coconut Oil / lube

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    Dec 29, 2012 8:29 PM GMT
    I try my best at being as health conscious as I can, in what goes into my body. Would like some in-site from you guys regarding organic lube. In an earlier post, someone recommended using refined organic coconut oil for anal play (I really like the idea of using something that is beneficial for you). I went out and purchased some. Its odorless, tasteless, and melts quickly upon skin contact. Have yet to try it below. But, it feels really nice on my skin. The question is.... Does anybody have experience using organic coconut oil in anal play ? Is so, please share your thoughts on using same ?
  • gotthatbooty

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    Mar 06, 2014 5:27 PM GMT
    This is what i use (bottom here).. There is a method that i use to prep myself....i get myself cleaned out then i take some coconut oil from the fridge so it doesnt melt that fast..take a few healthy chunks and insert them as far as my fingers can get em...then i melt some in a cup and take a turkey baster suck it up and insert it all the way and pump the melted oil as deep as the baster can choose to repeat if you want more i usually do two and maybe another chunk finger deep on top for good measure...this method has allowed me to take pretty big cock (10 inches) balls deep before with little to no time to "warm up" and tops love it!