Hey guys, what's up?
I'm posting here to ask about good gym's in Vancouver, BC. I'm living in Vancouver since last December and because of not too much time to focus in my health and alimentation, I just got some pounds and I didn't made too much workout.

The point is: I have a free gym in the building that I live, but since is a gym for everyone over there, and there is not some instructor or something, I just lost interest. I feel that I'm not actually doing right or focusing like I should be doing.

So I wanted to know if someone from Vancouver recommend some good Gym but with a good monthly price too. I'm not sure if I will need a personal trainer. Maybe that's too much, considering the price that will be. But I need at least some good place, with instructors to help me some times, I guess.

Well, any recommendation? I live around downtown/chinatown.

Thanks! icon_smile.gif