NY Greetings

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    Dec 31, 2012 12:57 PM GMT
    As some of you guys will be getting there before the UK I will say Happy New Year now.

    Feel free to post your own greetings and hopes for 2013.
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    Dec 31, 2012 1:51 PM GMT
    To each & everyone reading this,
    My prayers(p.s. not copy pasted but a real one !)

    May the lord bless you & care you the whole new coming year

    anyone who lost someone this year, a special prayer for them for their emotional support.

    for the Gay community suffering in the Middle-east with forced marriages & death penalties, spiritual support for them all,

    for those who have a financial crisis , may you prosper,

    for those , who are suffering from any disease, (hiv or cancer or any), thank god even with all those tests by satan on you, he's shown you a new year 7 a new day to prove his witnesses .

    To all the bullies , be good & love others
    for those affected with the hurricane sandy,My sincere prayers to you, just start a new day tomorrow , forgetting the past with smile

    Anyone whom i hav evere been harsh with my language on the forums, forgive me ,im a little hot blood creature, i dont mean harm just get instant angry, as its a new day ,lets start with love & respect
    & forget the past

    Thanks to the RJ admins & moderators & helpers, they have been very nice with me ,
    Its the best gay social network for me ,
    carry the good work
    Love & prayers for your families too

    - Samuel