smudgetool said
theantijock saidVery funny. Especially how he keeps holding her up from going down again. Is part of what makes it so funny that we know he's gay?

Not only is he holding her up, it appears he's using every ounce of strength (while laughing, yet) to keep her at bay. This is priceless!

Priceless is honesty not meant to hurt. Maybe it was a little shocking, certainly unexpected, but not totally inappropriate to the celebration of kissing the sardine, especially with their relationship already known.

osakarob said
ECnAZ saidIf a guy did that to a woman, the reaction would be much different.

Her sad and pathetic sexual innuendo was childish. Something I would expect from a drunken sorority girl. He loses credibility for agreeing to ham it up with her on live TV.

If indulging scandal, then being honest might denigrate some air of credibility; but then was that ever substantial or just snobbery?