Any advice on finding relationships?

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    Jan 04, 2013 7:51 PM GMT
    I'm a senior in High School and as close as I am to finishing up, I still feel like I'm missing something. Any advice on finding a good relationship if you're still in the closet and in my situation?
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    Jan 04, 2013 7:59 PM GMT
    1. Get out the closet *duh* you aren't going to find anyone willing to be in a 'relationship' if they have to spend time sneaking around. Yeah the thought of it can be exciting to some but facing the facts at the end of the day your doing nothing but being a selfish ass hole to your chosen partner by trying to hide something that doesn't need to be hidden.

    (I will admit depending on where you are and what's happening in your life coming out might not be comfortable for everyone but I just want to say its best that you do NOT. I repeat do NOT jump into a relationship of any kind until you know more about yourself and you become more comfortable with who you are as a person and your sexuality.)

    know yourself before knowing others. If you feel it would be best to wait a few more years before coming out then do that. Just do it when your ready, and THEN pursue someone with the unrelentless and classy passion of every gay, bi man out there xD

    side note I saw you said you were from north carolina....I can understand the apprehension of coming out in that part of the U.S lol.
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    Jan 05, 2013 12:31 AM GMT
    Yeah, share some good advice with me.
  • dominLA

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    Jan 05, 2013 12:02 PM GMT
    1) don't be desperate. you have to be happy with yourself and be cool with being alone. just work on yourself making yourself a great awesome guy... once you don't "have to" find someone... you will. you'll be like a magnet for really nice guys... or
    2) figure out what twisted fetish you're into and look for a match
    3) just watch sex and the city... seriously... they covered everything

    and get out of the closet as soon as you can based on your situation of course... not healthy...

    reminds me about a trip to paris i was on a few years ago... i was traveling with a gay buddy and we were walking along a side street in paris at night... we were looking for the gay section and were kind of lost... he was complaining about being alone, as he always does... he asked advice and i was telling him (#1) you need to be comfortable with yourself and then you'll find friends, companionship or "the guy" and i swear as soon as i finished the sentence i hear my name called out of the darkness... "dominique"... (my name is domenic)

    i turn around and see a man in a hoodie... his face was in shadow... i reply "yes?"... he removes the hood from his head like obie wan kenobie in star wars 1 or 4 if you count the new ones... anyway... it's my french friend bruno from LA (where i'm from)... the friend i was with was like "you gotta be fucking kidding me" lol...

    bruno and i spent a lot of time together after that... he showed us the gay section and around town and it was great... ... true story... prob doesn't help you but just made me think of that icon_biggrin.gif

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    Jan 05, 2013 12:05 PM GMT
    dvsinla said1) be happy being alone and work on yourself... then you are a magnet for some really nice guys... or

    ^ this, but to add on to it, don't look for a relationship, let it find you. you'll just depress yourself looking for one. just be happy being alone, a relationship will find it's way to you