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    Sep 22, 2008 8:50 PM GMT
    Hopefully someone could help. My goal is to lower body fat and gain muscle. I started a 3 weeks ago with creatine which I really like using because I did see a difference in muscle mass and endurance while working out. However, recently I've weighted myself and checked my body fat and it went from 21% to 25% and i freaked out. For my weight range 25% is really high. I know that creatine really affect your weight through water. But I do wanna lower my body fat and I was wondering if i could take a fat burner with Creatine. OR should I switch to some Testosterone Boosters. Or is their another Idea.

    Yes, I eat pretty heathy

    Yes, I try to work out regularly

    I am trying to get to the next level

    Thanks for you help in advance icon_biggrin.gif
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    Sep 23, 2008 1:35 AM GMT
    i'm not an expert by any means and i have only ever used protein powder as a supplement, but i think the creatine might be working against you. either way you need to up your cardio a ton. run, bike, them all! if you are wanting to bulk up it is going to be harder to lose the weight and add the weight at the same time, so i would suggest toning up first then adding the muscle on. it will be a lot easier....hope that (kinda) helps.
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    Sep 23, 2008 3:11 AM GMT
    it's hard to do both at the same time. if you focus on reducing bodyfat you tend to burn off a little muscle mass. if you're into bulking up you accumulate a little bodyfat. the diet & cardio are different for each goal.
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    Sep 23, 2008 3:48 AM GMT
    There's an interesting article I posted on gives you a clearer picture of the whole gaining muscle/losing fat thing..there is a lot of contradictory info out there so be careful..but this article made sense to me.

    As far as the supplements..I've spent shitloads of money and have tried pretty much every supplement out there and my results have been negligible if any. So if I've learned anything is to ignore all the hype and avoid all these supplements that promise you "incredible gains" and are endorsed by bodybuilders..they are getting a pretty penny for that..

    Creatine, in my experience I have not noticed any difference a far as muscle mass goes but a lot of people swear by it..take it or leave it. A good creatine supplement that at least gave me an energy boost was NoXplode. And of course will want something that metabolizes fast after your workouts (On Gold Standard is the best and you get a lot for your money) and a mix of slow and fast digesting proteins for the evening, I used to take Syntha 6, the chocolate milkshake tastes GREAT, I recently stopped taking it because I wanted to lower the fat contents in my diet and take in less calories at night. I am now using Ergopharm..taste is ok..only has 90 calories and 19 g of protein per scoop.

    Test boosters..initially I felt a difference with Isa-Test..I was stronger but definitely very irritable and horny all the time, after a while though the effects were negligible. If you want a test booster (it's all natural btw) I would recommend this.

    Apart from these three, hmmmm fat burners these days are not what they used to be so I would not waste my money on that either...however, if you want a BIG energy kick for your workouts then take Lipo 6, it will make you VERY hyper the first week or so but again, the effect diminishes after you've been taking it a while. I think that the thing about this "fat burner" is not that it helps you lose fat but it's more of a, it gives you the boost to keep going.

    So, bottomline:

    Creatine, in my experience take it or leave it..did not notice anything special. If you're gonna do it, maybe NoXplode, combines creatine with nitric oxide which supposedly helps you get a better hype imo but it will give you a decent boost.

    Protein, a must. A fast digesting whey (On) and a mix or slow digesting (Caseine (any brand), Syntha 6, Muscle Milk, Ergopharm)

    Test-Boosters, Isa Test, cycle it, take the one bottle and when you;re done wait maybe 3 months to start taking it again as effects diminish.

    Fat Burners, Lipo 6, but again, more of an energy booster than a fat burner.

    Hope this helps and when you go to your nutrition store, don't pay too much attention to the salespeople, they don't know shit, they are there to sell.