Injuries and training...

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    Sep 25, 2008 6:43 AM GMT
    So here's how it's going for me.

    3 years ago I had a pretty nasty motorcycle accident which I was lucky to survive, multiple fractures and breaks throughout my left arm, ribs, legs and neck.

    All relatively healed up now (can walk again fine, woop!), but I have to be extremely careful with my back and my left arm, left arm mainly because it's mostly made of metal icon_smile.gif

    So now I've finally decided to start going back to the gym, for core strength, balance and general fitness, but I've come across a couple of problems. These are the ones I can remember.

    I find it extremely hard to curl my left arm as I do my right arm (either standing or seated), I can never feel the 'burn' of hard work and occasionally it puts quite a lot of strain on the metal slab I have on my wrist.

    Is there anything else I could substitute for this? Or another way of doing curls?

    Given the drama with my neck and back as well, I was warned off of doing any variation of squats. I've tried ignoring that advice, but ended up with completely numb legs for a couple of days, so would rather not try that again icon_smile.gif

    Seated press is ok... But I miss my squats, would anything else really be as effective?

    Is there anything you would recommend highly for co-ordination and balance as I seem to occasionally walk straighter when I'm drunk than I do when I'm sober. icon_smile.gif

    Thanks in advance - Blunt_ Aka Keller
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    Sep 25, 2008 7:25 AM GMT
    Because of the complexity of your injuries it's going to be hard for many of the guys on here to give you advice that is going to work for you

    Bony injuries ... esp severe ones can alter the way our bodies move and work mechanically
    There may also be impingements and scar tissue in tendons and ligaments that hinder training

    What would be the best for you is to get a good physical therapist
    Get them into a gym with you for a session or two and have them go through a good workout with you
    Go over all the things you'd like to do and have them critique each and every exercise and give you feedback on whether you can do that exercise or if there needs to be any modification or not
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    Sep 25, 2008 9:33 AM GMT
    Get a really good physical therapist. You have major injuries. You can overcome them, but do not look here for answeres, You need someone that knows your specific injuries. Listen to their advice. They know you and they know your specific challenges......

    But, they are only challenges.....challenge youself to overcome them. Do not limit yourself. See where you want to be and then be it. Whatever they say, do twice. Push yourself!!! Do 10% more. Decide that now you are an athlete, and do 10% more than your PT asks. Fight, fight fight!!!!

    You might not have been an athlete before, but maybe you where, but now it is not about do I look good? Do I have the best body in the bar? No. It is about being the best that I can be right now. And a bit better tomorrow.

    Keep fighting, and keep in touch.

    Call me anytime.

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    Sep 25, 2008 1:13 PM GMT
    Is there a hack squat machine at whatever gym you go to? I wonder if that might allow you to make a similar movement without putting as much stress on your back.
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    Sep 25, 2008 9:49 PM GMT
    Ok well I've booked in to see a Physical Therapist in conjunction with a Personal Trainer at the gym for today, so we'll see how that goes. icon_smile.gif