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    Jan 17, 2013 5:53 PM GMT
    Hi -- I wanted the opinion of some of you here to settle an argument. A good friend has lately been accusing me of being a germaphobe … and I suppose that I think he is a bit of a “pig” (though I do love him dearly). Perhaps some of you could enlighten me…

    Last summer, I went to Europe to visit a friend I’ve known for a long time. Following a Scandinavian cruise, we finally arrived at his apartment in Germany … and the “fighting” soon began. Being a good host, he fixed me a soda with ice cubes (after all, I’m American). Unfortunately, he didn’t wash his hands before touching the ice cubes. Keep in mind that he had just been in two airports, had been on a flight from Stockholm, had been holding onto the pole in the subway car … and he had been sick/congested for days had just recently sneezed into his hands AT LEAST twice (all without washing his hands). He insisted that they were just “dry sneezes” … and that any germs transferred from his hands (fecal matter, mucus, etc.) was actually good for me … and that Germans were not so “picky”. Okay – I can’t imagine that touching other people’s food after sneezing into your hands is normal behavior in Germany?!? Regardless, as an American, it turned my stomach. I told him that was disgusting and to kindly keep his mucus out of my food… icon_evil.gif

    Later, we went to a Greek restaurant and he ordered an appetizer for us that consisted of various dips. He immediately stuck his spoon into one dip to taste … and then proceeded to use his used spoon to taste another. When I questioned if this was some type of “communal plate” that we were going to be dipping our dirty utensils into for each and every bite, another fight ensued. He wanted to know how else we were going to eat the appetizer. I informed him that it is proper table etiquette to spoon various dips (using the serving spoon) onto your personal serving plate and then eat from there. Besides, he had been congested and coughing/hacking up phlegm all day … gross! I had NEVER experienced a dining ritual where everyone scooped up mouthfuls of food from the same plate using their dirty utensils. Emily Post would certainly NOT approve (joking). Perhaps 20 years or so ago my now deceased grandfather used to do stuff like that when dining with the family. I can also remember that my grandfather used to wear a lot of polyester disco shirts and would bathe only about once a week. Thankfully, times have changed.

    On another day, we rode the subway to the outskirts of town and decided to have some German sausages for lunch at a casual outdoor café. When our order was ready, he decided to be “helpful” and proceeded to carry my piece of bread to the table and lay it down on an obviously dirty tabletop. Once again, he had not washed his hands … nor used my hand sanitizer (after all, per him … all that urine, feces and mucus from the subway was good for me). So here he was touching my food without washing his hands … and then laying my food directly on a tabletop that looked as if it had not been cleaned all day. Was he being an ass on purpose … or was he just dense!?! Once again we had another argument…

    He pointed out that:
    -1- I like to wash my hands and/or use hand sanitizer before touching my food (shocking!). Okay – in the USA I don't even carry hand sanitizer … but I did bring a small bottle with me on this trip since I knew we would often be out sightseeing all day and would not always have access to soap/water. Although I CAN eat without first washing my hands, if it isn’t too much trouble, I do PREFER to have somewhat clean hands before touching my food. I’m such the rebel.
    -2- I try not to touch the door handle in public restrooms when exiting (after washing my hands) … which seems logical to me since touching what is likely a dirty door handle somewhat defeats the purpose of washing your hands. I often use a paper towel to open the door. I know that I’m not alone in this either. Of course, I also know that many guys piss or shit and don’t even bother to wash their hands at all (I see it happen all the time) … which is pretty much the reason that I don’t touch that door handle…
    -3- I sometimes (not always) will use my knuckles to press keys at ATMs. Okay – that may sound a bit germaphobic … but I probably used my knuckles 2-3 times during the entire European trip (and he continually points it out). I KNOW that keypads are filthy (largely due to people like him) and I guess that I do try to avoid touching them particularly if I’m going to be eating. Guilty here…
    -4- I try to sneeze/cough into my arm or shoulder (particularly when I’m ill) to prevent spreading more germs than necessary (which I thought I was doing as a courtesy to others). Shame on me!

    In my defense, I would like to note that:
    -1- I will drink from a friend’s glass (frequently taste my friend’s Scotch just to confirm that I don’t like the taste).
    -2- I don’t have any problems using public restrooms and NEVER bother to use toilet seat covers.
    -3- I don’t turn and run away from snotty-nosed children (or adults).
    -4- Even though I know that it is not really socially acceptable, I don’t get grossed out when people blow their nose at the dinner table (though I may roll my eyes a bit).
    -5- I don’t have a problem touching money (and don’t immediately pull out the hand sanitizer).
    -6- If someone doesn’t wipe down a piece of equipment at the gym, I will just use my own towel to wipe it off. After all, gyms are dirty, sweaty places … and I always shower afterwards anyway.
    -7- I definitely prefer dirty, smelly, bacteria-laden sex any day over “clean” sex. I have no qualms about swapping bodily fluids (though always use a condom) … or generally licking ANYWHERE on a hot guy’s body. And, no, they DON’T have to be freshly showered before sex…
    -8- And when visiting Southeast Asia, I have resorted to drinking unclean water (as well as soda with bug legs/particles) when I’ve been thirsty … I love to eat street food (even meat products) … and while eating a bowl of soup I have even accidently bitten into a juicy cockroach (that actually “exploded” in my mouth) and simply spit the bug/particles out into my napkin and continued eating. Yes, it was gross … but when in Rome…

    But he insists that I am unusually anal about germs.

    My friend says that the germs he gets off the subway are good for him (which I fully understand is true to a degree) … but he also insists that the more germs one gets, the better their immune system will be. He claims that Germans (and Europeans) don’t worry about such “trivial” stuff. I recommended that he just go ahead and lick the pole in the subway car – thereby REALLY making himself uber-healthy! He refused.

    He has no problems touching a bathroom door handle after washing his hands … and says that he doesn’t worry about what he can’t see. I asked him why he even washes his hands at all. He says that it is normal to wash your hands … but not normal to worry about the door handle. I pointed out that cruise ships always have signs asking passengers to please NOT touch the restroom door handles to prevent the spread of illnesses … and he finally conceded that hand sanitizer should then probably be used before dining. A small triumph???

    I was really taken back when he told me that he finds it insulting that I will gladly lick some hot stranger head to toe … but I don’t want to eat after him (particularly since I've known him for years). Do I wet kiss him? No. Do I suck his dick? No. Do I want to? No. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want his sperm, mucus or saliva in my food. It has nothing to do with knowing him longer than the “hot stranger” I’m having dirty sex with. After all, I’ve known my family members all of my life and I really don’t want their saliva (or other bodily fluids) in my food either.
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    Jan 17, 2013 6:02 PM GMT

    So he thinks that I’m a germaphobe because I don’t want to eat off the same plate?!? Because I think it’s nasty that he would stick his used utensils in my food (particularly when he’s sick). That he thinks that it is silly to sneeze into his shoulder or arm … and continues to use his hands as a tissue! After all, why wouldn’t EVERYONE want HIS snot to get over everything. Okay – I’m thinking that he was likely raised in a barn.

    I agree that compared to HIM … yes, I am definitely a lot more germ conscious. After all, he likes to brag about when a friend of his was chewing gum and didn’t have another piece. So he was given half of his buddy’s pre-chewed gum and he happily chewed it!!! Yes, I think that is a little strange.

    I decided to put his claims to a “test” and said that since he isn’t worried about getting other people’s fecal matter (from restroom door handles) on his hands before eating, I told him that I would be more than happy to run his flatware up and down the crack of my ass before he eats. After all – the utensils will still LOOK CLEAN so he shouldn’t have any worries (after all, he doesn’t worry about what he can’t see). He declined my offer. Now I feel hurt and insulted that he is willing to eat with some stranger’s fecal matter on his hands but he doesn’t seem to want my fecal matter anywhere near his food. And he has known me for more than a decade!!!