any advice?

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    Aug 28, 2007 9:42 PM GMT
    So as in my last topic , you get a sense of my past with my ex ...........well it seems i'm scared sexually and mentally.

    To be compared to someone else when have sex with someone is the worst i think. that feeling that u dont give them what they want. and its just not sexually but mentally. I broke it off because " I " didnt or couldnt be what he wanted. And everytime I ahem ....get horny and j/o I think about him having sex with his past fling that supposedly had a 13in cock and he said it was great sex.. but he broke it off to be with me!!! And yet I was still worried even though we got back together, everytime i see him i think of what a bastard he is. Yet there is that part of me that loves him.....he was my first after all...

    So i'm very afraid that those same questions sexually will come up again and think that i am not good enough for the next person that i come seems all the gay men i come across just get in an relationship and then they see something that they want's sad. but i'm definately on my guard to be in a long term relationship again. I dont want to add another guy to the story, no toys, just romantic passionate sex/ love. I miss that , we had that but then it got complicated....

    I try to meet new people but it seems they just want sex...i'm tired of men really.....tired of the gay men that are superficial and whores really....

    will i ever find a good man will all that i want. i'm not asking for mr adonis. but someone to love me, all of me , as i will do the same.

    i da know anymore guys......
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    Sep 13, 2007 2:20 AM GMT
    Mmm Well I think your best bet is to find other gay in a non gay atmosphere. Like a hipster party, or rave. Gays there don't really go there for the sex. So that's the last thing you'll have to worry about.