Can Two Gay Men Raise A Baby? Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Think So

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    Jan 24, 2013 9:37 PM GMT

    At the finale of his Chanel Haute Couture show, Lagerfeld told the NY Daily News that while his show was meant to display his support of gay marriage, he was much less supportive of surrogacy, or what he referred to as gay men "ordering babies."

    He said men should adopt instead, though doesn't seem to fully support that idea either. "Two mothers seems to me to be better than two fathers. A child without a mother that's a bit sad," he said.

    However, science and a few influential figures seem to disagree. Same-sex couples are just as capable of raising children as straight couples and, often, the children of gay couples are much more well-rounded, academically intelligent and motivated
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    Jan 25, 2013 5:28 AM GMT
    For a generation that accomplished so much for rights, I simply don't know what's wrong with these washed-up, tired, walking dead gays that they always sound like ignorant Mississipians when it comes to issues of marriage and family.

    They claim it's about nostalgia: a (completely legitimate) worry that the more gays adopt typically heterosexual postures, the less special. Secret clubs are way more free and fun. Subcultures DO lose something when they assimilate.

    The problem with not assimilating is that you don't get respect or full rights and equal access to property and prosperity. Which also means a little growing up, and more responsibility and accountability.

    Lagerfeld and his ilk are like many of us terrified of growing older. He always has a social-climbing twentysomething twink on his arm. Not saying every gay should seek to mirror the trajectory of their straight friends, but marriage and kids does not necessarily mean loss of freedom and youth. Not everyone wants to be trolling for 21-35 year old cock their whole lives.

    That mythical time between Stonewall and the Reagan-era and its AIDS epidemic is gone, the brief period when all gays were cool, edgy, and could fuck anything without impunity. Forever. The gay community can and will grow up a little and still retain its uniqueness. Age is not a disease.

    Ohhhh Karl.