The trouble with Grindr/Scruff ho'ing!

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    Jan 27, 2013 8:19 AM GMT
    I don't know how frequent Grindr and Scruff slut do it.

    Tonight after about a month and half of not feeling sexual i gave into the inclination to possibly hook up with either one of three guys who have been hitting me up on Scruff that i actually find attractive for months. I use Scruff and Grindr as almost tools for gawking and time wasters while on a bus or avoiding eye contact with people i do not want speaking to me rather than a "OMG.. i'm going to find my next ex boyfriend on here. Or maybe a life long BFF" tool.

    Every once in awhile i find someone i feel like would be hot for an encounter...and is interesting and might not be awkward in person..and that matches up with a desire to travel or have them in my home and put up with the result of that meeting..whatever it will be.

    So tonight i was ready to do it but it's time consuming.

    You go through negotiations... which can last hours... slow process of figuring which trick is right for you. If you live in a city and are basically pedestrian you must figure out distances.. I got home from the gym.. sore.. needed to eat... several potential tricks.. and you're trying to figure out "Do i want an agressive daddy bottom tonight or a young vers with a big dick who is a 3 beer'er but he wants to film himself giving me a blow job?"... then after pondering that you start to talk to your mom on the phone.. and you get settled.. put something on the's 10pm..and you're like.. fuck this.. i'll stay home and wank. The only thing is you've pissed off one of the potential tricks because you strung him along all night making up your mind- he offered to pay for a cab ride home.. but you are comfortable. So that strikes one potential future booty call off the list. I'm increasingly becoming bored by sex.

    Juggling potential tricks is exhausting. I'd rather just jack off alone. I don't even want a boyfriend. So i'm not holding out for a boyfriend.. i'm just bored with "process".

    When you boil it all down.. it's not worth it. As i age the thrill of sex dwindles..especially through some phone app. You begin to consider the trip.. the actual encounter..what you are missing on TV tonight.. or there more productive shit you could be doing.. and only if you just put on some porno and wank.. you'll be saved from disappointment or a case of crabs.. or encountering some really skank breath.

    This was a rant basically to open up discussion about Grindr/Scruff hook ups.

    Discuss your experiences.. whether you love them or hate them? Have you out grown 7/11 sex...

    Are you a Grindr slut?
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    Jan 27, 2013 8:34 AM GMT
    I hooked up through Grindr once and although I enjoyed the encounter, I realized hookups are not for Neight.
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    Jan 27, 2013 10:32 AM GMT
    im with you..
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    Jan 27, 2013 1:29 PM GMT
    When I was single, I hooked up with a couple of guys on Grindr and it was a lot of work. Setting up a time, place, showering, etc....there is so much involved just to get off with another guy. But the results were the same....meaningless sex and I didn't want to participate in that anymore. Like you JackKash, I will log on once and a while to kill time. Some of the profile descriptions are hilarious!

    I think my only true gripe about meeting guys on Grindr - they usually don't look like their picture. If you do meet them, you have to add 5 years to their profile age and 10 to 30 lbs to their stated weight.
  • HottJoe

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    Jan 27, 2013 2:31 PM GMT
    It's like playing the lottery. Chances are you will lose....

    Trouble is, the few times you win are the most memorable ones, so it's easy to get sucked back into it. I used to do hookups when I was single, but this thread reminds me that for all the difficulty of making a ltr work, it's nice to be with just one person and not a string of strangers with bad breath....

    Anyway, maybe you're better off going out to a club and meeting people in person. It's nice to connect on the dance floor, rather than invite someone you never met to come over.
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    Jan 27, 2013 6:06 PM GMT
    Most of the profiles are full of lists of what people don't want which makes you not want to contact them even if you meet the criteria. They rarely meet their own criteria. Nobody ever reads the part where I say I am looking for dates or relationship. People with no pictures, age, height or weight contact you and expect a response. People send ridiculous first messages like "hung?" or "accom?". People send endless pictures of their knob which all look the same to me. People from my gym or other places contact me from blank profiles and try to chat me up (I HATE this! icon_evil.gif )

    Despite all of this I log in to both Scruff and Grindr about once every half hour regardless of what else I am doing icon_redface.gif
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    Jan 27, 2013 7:02 PM GMT
    re: "lengthy negotiations." I haven't tried most of the above-mentioned apps, but ones that I have tried tend to bog down on friday and saturday nights. Or the cellular data network does, which is effectively the same thing. And phone batteries run down.

    So my policy was no lengthy chit chat. Agree to meet somewhere for a drink/meet, within a few messages, or forget it. So far, it has been a pretty efficient method for not meeting anybody.