Boy Scouts to end ban on gay scouts and scout leaders

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    Jan 28, 2013 7:08 PM GMT
    Can anyone confirm this?
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    Jan 29, 2013 1:05 AM GMT
    As early as next week, the Boy Scouts of America may announce it will allow gay Scouts and troop leaders, a spokesman for the group has told USA TODAY.

    If this policy shift is approved by the national board meeting next week, it will be a sharp reversal of the Scouts' decades-old national policy banning homosexuals.
    The Boy Scouts of America, which refused for years to allow openly gay scout leaders, a policy that made the organization a lightning rod for the nation’s debate about homosexuality, said on Monday that it was considering ending the ban, and allowing local scouting groups to choose for themselves whether to allow gay members.

    “This would mean there would no longer be any national policy regarding sexual orientation, and the chartered organizations that oversee and deliver Scouting would accept membership and select leaders consistent with each organization’s mission, principles, or religious beliefs,” a spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America, Deron Smith, said in a statement.

    Mr. Smith added: “The Boy Scouts would not, under any circumstances, dictate a position to units, members, or parents.” He said that members and parents would be able to choose a local unit that best meets the needs of their families.

    Scouting, with its three-fingered salute and oath of honorable conduct, has for generations of boys and leaders held itself out as a place of high moral conduct and quasi-military upright bearing.

    So apparently even if they might end the ban nationally, they'd allow discrimination at the local troop level.

    I've got a similar salute as their 3 finger one. Only minus two fingers.
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    Jan 29, 2013 1:09 AM GMT
    Too late!!!

    Neener, Neener.