Here's an interesting clip from Penn and Teller's show called Bullshit.

They do some experiments that are pretty interesting, especially the one that starts at 4:39...

They served two groups of people the same taco salad from Taco Bell. The first group knew that they were eating fast food. The second group was told that their salads were from a healthy-sounding restaurant called the "California Garden Cafe". The "fast food" group had a lesser opinion of their meal and was more accurate in their estimation of calorie counts compared to the "healthy" group.

Now this clearly demonstrates an obvious negative bias toward anything labelled as "fast food". But this got me wondering about the calorie estimation I do for places I would consider "healthy" and even meals that I prepare myself.

Do you guys find yourself underestimating the calories of food you cook yourself or from places you think are healthy? I know people that don't think twice about indulging in places like Subway or Jamba Juice because we view them as "healthier" than their greasier counterparts at McD's or Burger King. I was shocked to find out that a large smoothie at Jamba Juice can climb to nearly 600 calories and +100g of sugar. icon_eek.gif