(Edit, I left out a few pictures)
Okay so after a hiatus on here I'm back...I want top continue a tradition that started when I went to a new college. I consider myself str8 acting on good days and thats mainly because I have realized, after recently coming out to a coworker, that I dont come off as gay. (Yay me) Not that I have anything against femme guys, hell I even dated one. But being southern has instilled in me the reality of my sexuality as a minority. Dont know why but that was relevant. Whatev.icon_eek.gif
Anywho, as the tradition goes, cute boys and gay crushes are related to my favorite things in life. So here goes:
The Buckskin Gypsy Vanner is taller than me with blue eyes, I prefer brown but the dark hair and ass on this kid make up for all his faults, whatever they may be. Cause in my eyes, there are none. I understand that the psychological sense would make him the ideal boyfriend from me but for now I will contain it to the lustworthy category.Sappy I know but thats what I see when I look at you.

The Otter is of the brown eyed variety, taller, lanky and has hairy arms. His work ethic is what makes him so likeable. But what catches my attention is his smile. it never seems forced. a genuine smile is always something to notice.

The Kookaburra is short, brown/dirty dishwater blonde on bright blue. His voice always catches my attention and I challenge anyone to tune him out! Not annoying, just distinctive. I found myself looking at his hands. They dont fit him, but in a good way. They're way strong for such a feminine dude. I was impressed.Kookaburra2.jpg

The Wombat plays guitar which is awesome! Seems quiet, but may not always be so. Hes short with eyes that seem green but may very well be blue. I like the fact that he wears glasses. It adds a mystery that I cant place but continue to ponder. He also seems stronger than he looks for such a little guy which makes his animal a good fit as it is an excavator. Light in the ass department but for some reason I dont care. Also, the fact that the wombat is a symbol of Australian sexual virility is not lost on me.

The Ferret is blonde on blue and when he greets me, its ALWAYS with enthusiasm. He makes me smile, which I regret not doing more often. It really is a pleasure to work with him. Congrats if you're reading.

The Golden Tiger is a rarity among people. Whether his hair is medium brownish auburn or not, it fits. Hes gorgeous! Freckles, brown eyes and an ass that made me double take when I first saw it. He's taken which is great cause its hard enough to work with him. A bit tall though but it works for him.

The Squirrel Monkey is tall and lankey. I. LOVE. HIS. VOICE. Its kinda raspy and mid range. When he is listening to instructions, the look on his face is absolutely priceless!

The Clouded Leopard is a newbie but I couldnt resist. His handshake is strong and confident. The privilege of being attractive shows on him. Just to keep myself sane, I hope hes too young for me. It's weird I know but "when in doubt, know your way out" Rule 22 is a good one to live by! Black on blue which is a striking combination and makes him look like the Orca's little brother. The asses on both are like woah! But I am a good boy and resist the urge to stare. Something about the Orca rubs me the wrong way though and I almost left him out of this post. But cute is cute. Either way, the Clouded Leopard wins until I find out that I got another 18+ admission to look forward to... or worse

Last but not least is the Cockapoo. I hardly ever work with him but he seems to be a help fanatic. Hes always busy doing something. Blue with straw colored straight hair and extremely adorkable.

So thats that and im getting kicked out of the coffee shop now but I am pretty sure that the Kookaburra and Golden Tiger r gay.....the others: No idea LOL
Welcome to my weirdness....feel free to comment or whetever but know this: if you get rude...I couldnt give less of a fuck about you dying in a plane crash.