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    Feb 01, 2013 9:19 PM GMT
    Apart of me want to die. I know that doin such a thing wont change anything but will only worsen the circumstances. My body feels so heavy like I'm being pulled to the other side of the earth. I feel too much. I'm too sensitive gullible and fragile. I hate the sound of voices who annoy me that seem to be laced with arrogance and perpetual whining. Women make me hate them not that they know but they sound like whining2 year old adults. I'm rambling but sometimes I want them to feel the disconcerted feeling I feel.

    I hate them in several ways.I despise them. I hate my own distasteful words. My thoughts are mumble jumble but inside is the encryption decoded..inside me the answer to why. Why do I speak recklessly. I guess I'm starting to hate humanity. Maybe hating human beings is what it always turns out to be

    I wanted love but I got I had hurt someone e else. Life is a game that not to many people are good at. Its the longest game that many never win. (Azariah1982)
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    Feb 01, 2013 9:38 PM GMT

    *hugs you, cuddles you a bit*

    Life really isn't a game you know; there are lots of things that simply go wrong, and many that go right. Sometimes we are in control of a situation, and sometimes it's just not possible. We are human after all.

    *rubs your shoulder*

    Here's something for you. We know a nice fellow who caught HIV and went on to get AIDS - back in the early 90s. Like you, it got into his spine and he was hurrying to catch a plane at the Vancouver airport and just like that, went down. For a couple of years he couldn't walk at all. We met him in a club one night and he'd graduated to crutches. We ran into him again at Pride 1999 and he had a cane. Last I saw him, he was seeing someone and grinning like the Cheshire cat. icon_wink.gif

    I've been following your posts since you arrived here. You matter, and you have a lot of life ahead of you where a lot is possible, and even probable.

    DIN (a great fellow I respect enormously) said something marvelous and very true last night. He said, relationships don't work, until they do.

    There are some fine fellows here who feel up, then feel down, then get right back up again and some of us are there for them as they're there for us.

    You can join us, too. Share, not just what gets to you, but also what makes you laugh and what makes you feel good.

    Your question about charcoal interested me, and I posted.

    *winks warmly*

    -Doug of meninlove