My plan is to run the Pikes Peak Marathon in August. I've only ever run a half (1:38:20). It's not a smartest first choice for a marathon considering it's 6000 ft. gain in elevation, but it's the last goal in a series of high elevation hikes I'm doing it to help bring attention to a military charity called Active Heroes which I'll be promoting later this year.

Most of my training will be in my current town in the Rockies at a little over 7000 ft. I currently do light upper body workouts separate from my incline training. I'm curious what else I should be doing to up my endurance and lung capacity and to keep my knees healthy. I do have access to a 3 lane pool but don't currently use it. I used to have slight knee issues from high school baseball but they've never felt better since I started running in Merrell Barefoot shoes two years ago.