Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some advice on training/diet etc.

I've been training for a while and done a lot of reading on the subject so feel like I know quite a lot now but I've still yet to find an answer the way my body seems to hold onto fat (I don't find it too hard to add muscle mass but always add fat as well, when I try to lose fat I also seem to lose muscle mass).

As you can see from my pictures I hold all my fat round my middle (not that uncommon in guys I know) but I am really struggling to shift this. I've been "cutting" for a while now (except over Xmas when I went on a mini bulk). I'm down to 8.7% (as measured by Poliquin callipers method, I'm around 70kgs, 6ft) believe it or not but I don't seem a massive difference in my stomach area compared to when I was say 12%. Yes my scores have come down a bit in that region but not as much as I would hope. My goal has always been to be comfortable to take my top off in public (I was over weight as a kid) so getting thinner and getting as close to a six pack as possible would be nice. I also want to get bigger but feel like I need to lose the fat first.

I find I have to eat really strict to lose fat but also make sure I eat enough not to lose any muscle which I seem to do easily. I train three times a week for an hour (twice with my PT, I do 2 upper body sessions and 1 legs session. Mid week I train after work, at the weekend in the morning). I also do HIIT on a rower once a week. I've started recently adding in a couple of 30min weight sessions mid-week as well which is helping. My job is pretty busy though so finding time to train mid week is hard.

My diet tends to be as follows:

Mon - Fri

Small bowl porridge
Protein shake with water (2 scoops)

Mid morning snack
1.5-2 chicken breast

Large chicken salad

Beef jerky

Meat and lots of Veg

If I train I'll have a protein shake on the way plus a protein shake with Maltodextrin in after.

The weekends tend to be:

2x scrambled eggs, 4 slices bacon (fat cut off, English bacon) 2 pieces of brown toast

Train - shakes as above

2 tins tuna with mayo and salad cream, salad, brown wrap

Mid afternoon
Protein bar (50g protein in, low carb)

Meat, lots of Veg

I also take 9 fish oil tablets a day plus about 6 CLA tablets

Eating this diet I am losing fat but like I say not really round my middle. So my questions for you guys are:

- Would you alter my diet at all?
- Should I do more HIIT?
- Are there any supplements I should be taking (I realise there is no miracle cure!)?
- Do you think I look a bit bloated and might have a food intolerance etc?
- Should I just keep going and the fat will eventually come off?
- Should I give up on the fat loss and just try to pack on some muscle first?
- Any other advice?

Any advice would be great particularly from guys who are in a similar situation to me.