Weird situation, how do I save it?

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    Feb 03, 2013 8:02 PM GMT
    I was dating/seeing a guy for about two months at the end of last year. It was going really well and we both really liked each other. We both left town for the holidays and stayed in touch, but then when I came back, I was surprised when he just failed to meet up with me on several occasions. He was busy but he just didn't make the effort to. After basically asking him to meet me for dinner and not getting a response, I stopped talking to him for an entire month.

    I completely let go of him for that time, and then a month later thought of him and decided I'd text him out of the blue and ask how he was doing. I was surprised that he responded. Admittedly I was a little tipsy and started flirting with him and inviting him to come meet up with me. Later that night he wanted to come see me, even called me, but I had fallen asleep.

    Over the next few days we kept texting but very erratically and he's been sick.

    I can't tell what's going on; I really like him, but I would also love to just be friends with him if he doesn't want a relationship, which is what it seems. We have a ton in common, including some friends, and it just seems stupid that we couldn't even be friends.

    Usually if someone's not interested at all, in my experience they don't respond whatsoever. Since we're still sort of talking, I wonder what the deal is.

    Since I can't really meet up with him in person or call him, I'm left only to text him, and I've wanted to say something honest and upfront that captures the above. I don't think we've had that level of honesty in our communications and I'm thinking it's up to me to just speak my mind...but I also don't want to suddenly change the tone from playful/positive to serious/confrontational like something needs to be done...
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    Feb 04, 2013 2:25 AM GMT
    You're gay. He's Bi. They're all fucked up. Move on.
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    Feb 04, 2013 2:50 AM GMT
    Seems like a dickhead to me. That he randomly stops talking to u after the holidays. Any particular reason?

    Anyway, if u like this guy, Perhaps continue to talk to him and keep it light. Dont get all mushy and serious just yet. Keep the convo kinda airy and funny and whatever. Dont look thirsty and desperate and get all "i need to express my feelings to u".... Nothing will make a man run faster than getting like that at this stage.

    Now if the convo is going good and yalls are enjoying eachothers convo, then bring up hanging out and see what he says.

    Then when yallz are hanging out u KILL the son of a bitch for being a cunt.
    jk no, but then yall go from there and perhaps mend any broken lines of communication on the meet...

    u young bitches need to be patient.