So here is my deal. I tap in at 5'11" 193lbs 20% bodyfat. I am tired of gimmics and bullshit and really need some help on a solid weight loss/lean muscle building program that can provide me results and that has a diet that is easy to follow.

I want to drop my body fat obvious and probably the numbers on the scale too, but I would like to drop at least 25lbs in the fat department. So based on my figure above:


Lean Body Weight - 154.4
Body Fat Weight - 38.6


Lean Body Weight - 170
Body Fat Weight - 13.6 or better

Now I know the lean body weight can be a bitch, but ultimately I would like to drop the body fat percentage from 20% to 13% by years end and 10% by my 30th in 2014.

So guys, what say you?