HOW DOES THIS PLAY OUT: I'm submissive, will you spank me?

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    Feb 07, 2013 1:48 AM GMT
    Let's get directly to the point of my dealing with this and having questions.

    Yes, I've seen a few clips of




    I love the idea of a man wanting to cooperate with my love life by wanting to serve (the submissive part). It's like being an executive and having people who help you steer the ship of a department. You have the leadership, you just need some followers.

    What I don't get is this getting off on punishment. On jobs, if you keep needing to be punished you get let go (you're fired).

    A person who comes at you that way is not wholesome relationship material or is he? Do you really want to have a relationship with someone who needs to be spanked?

    People who have dogs and enjoy training them probably are closer to making something of this type of interpersonal dynamic, yes?

    This type of relationship screams someone is going to be misbehaving. Who wants a misbehaving boyfriend/lover?

    I kind of wish a regular man from Lifetime Fitness or Real Jock (with a face pic) befriend me in my intimate and for-keeps life.
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    Feb 07, 2013 1:52 AM GMT
    By the way, I guess I can go to the Eagle and get one of those spanking sticks.

    I don't have any rope for edging a guy.

    Have any of you all tied up a boyfriend?

    Those urls I provided shows "for your entertainment" sex. I'm not so sure the gay marrieds are carrying on like that. That stuff is for affairs, not for your regular partner. It's for single people, too. Si or no?